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Back to School

Be outfit ready in no

Back to School - Be outfit ready in no time
Save space

First things first

Save space and be a minimalist at heart

School clothing, activewear for leisure activities, nice clothing for special occasions, such as birthday invitations... The amount of kids clothing to handle on a daily basis is well-known to any parent and can feel quite  overwhelming. Plus, ironing and sorting your own, business and everyday clothing. The closets and drawers already overflowing? Then let´s simplify your back-to-school routine and daily housework –  time to declutter. The question is – to keep or to toss? Decluttering can feel very liberating afterwards, but quite stressful in the midst of doing so. Why not also involving the kids, so they can learn from scratch how to keep an order.

Organise the wardrobe with a simple technique.

With the appropriate hacks, we can give you some guidance how to declutter clothing in an orderly way.

First, take 3 empty boxes and give each of them a labelling: keep, toss, donate.

Ask yourself these questions within the process and then start filling the boxes accordingly:

  1. It it damaged or broken?
  2. Is it out of style or has it been used in the last 6-12 months?
  3. Does it still fit my child/ any of my children?
  4. Is it a duplicate or are too many of similar items in the closet (e.g. socks, t-shirts)

After you have gone through those, you should have a solid amount of clothes that you are ready to give away. If you want to optimise the space even more, keep all the clothes from the previous season in boxes and store them away.

See the video below to learn how to keep your wardrobe organised.
How to keep your wardrobe organized
Getting ready faster

Getting ready faster

Being in a rush in the morning barely leaves time to get all the outfits properly together whilst having in mind what is on the daily agenda. Sports lesson, play dates or birthday invitations after school?  The possibilities are endless and the appropriate outfit should be ready at hand – fresh and neat. Plus, weather can always change last minute. You should have that in mind and remember to pack an extra layer for your kid if needed.

Our ironing hacks.

Check out our tip on getting your wardrobe pre-prepared for the week and find out the best ways to get your clothes looking fresh and crease-free.

Preparing weekly outfits.

Tip 1:

Preparing weekly outfits.

Create pre-ready laundry baskets per kid and for each day of the week ahead. Depending on how much space you have, set up a system in your drawer or take single boxes and place them beside. Each box should include the entire outfit for the day. The benefit? Having them tidily folded away after ironing will leave them neat and without wrinkles until they are needed.
Plus, it will automatically optimise space and will help you to keep the wardrobe organised.
Do some last minute touch-ups.

Tip 2:

Do some last minute touch-ups.

In case you still need to arrange a short ironing session before everyone is leaving for their day, take the CareStyle Compact and iron the clothes vertically. Quick and easy – with only the steam function, it refreshes small wrinkles in no time. This will also come in handy, if not only your kid´s school but also your office look will need a little last minute touch-up.

Click here to see how to quickly refresh your outfits
Easily iron complicated clothes.

Tip 3:

Easily iron complicated clothes.

When it comes to delicate clothing, not matter if it is your own or your kid´s, it can get tricky sometimes. Dresses, trousers or blouses with pockets, frills, prints or fragile buttons can be tough to iron. However, with the appropriate hacks we can give you some guidance how to perfectly iron and handle complicated clothing. So they will look and stay neat and fresh.

Click here to see our ironing hacks
Save 50% time* when ironing.
* Saves 50% time (internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TS 5 steam iron) and saves 50% space (compared to Braun IS 7056 steam generator iron)

Tip 4:

Save 50% time* when ironing.

No matter which kind of kids’ clothes you need to iron and get ready in time, with the help of our CareStyle Compact you can save 50%* time whilst doing so. Even if you quickly have to put some last finishing touches on the outfits in the morning, it can be done easily and quickly. Thanks to its DoubleSteam technology, you get 2x more steam than a normal steam iron and the FreeGlide 3D technology enables you to easily glide over little buttons – also backwards –  without any problem. And most importantly? It easily saves you time.

How to save time when ironing
Last minute touch-ups to get your perfect school look ready

Last minute touch-ups to get your perfect school look ready

How to iron printed clothes

How to iron printed clothes

Last minute touch-ups to get your office look ready

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Braun CareStyle Compact steam generator iron

Save 50% time and space.

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