MultiGrill 9 Pro

A melhor performance da Braun. Para resultados profissionais.

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Breakfast Series 1

Exatamente o que precisa. Comece o seu dia da melhor forma.

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Ferros com caldeira

Poupe 50% do tempo para aquilo que realmente importa.*

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Comece a reduzir o desperdício alimentar com a ajuda dos nossos eletrodomésticos de cozinha.

Compre um produto selecionado e receba um saco reutilizável de oferta

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Coleção de receitas

Receitas fáceis e divertidas com a Braun.

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Função de Higienização

Mata mais de 99.99% dos vírus e bactérias¹.

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Descubra a gama Braun de aparadores de cabelo, barba e produtos de cuidado pessoal.

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Hygiene Refrigeration

Hygiene, refrigeration and storage: It all starts with shopping.

Before you get your shopping home and start to put it all away in the right place, making sure that everything is suitably hygienic and chilled starts in the supermarket. Key points to remember:

  • Check that all packaging is intact.
  • Make sure that chilled foods are kept cool, such as with reusable cool bags, to prevent germs from multiplying when produce gets warm.
  • Only put frozen and perishable products in your trolley at the end of your shop, just before heading to the checkout. Speaking of the checkout, soft and delicate produce such as eggs, bananas and grapes should be the last things you place on the conveyor belt. This means they will be at the top of your bag and will not get crushed by heavier items.
  • After finishing your shop and before sorting out your purchases at home, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs.
  • Keep storage areas such as shelves, pantries and your fridge clean and wipe them down regularly. The best way is to use warm water with a little detergent. Adding a dash of vinegar essence can prevent mould.
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