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Wassen en strijken gaan hand in hand


Vereenvoudig jouw taken.

Leer hoe goed wassen invloed heeft op jouw strijkgemak. Ontdek tegelijkertijd hoe je jouw totale was- en strijkroutine kan verbeteren door jouw wasruimte te reorganiseren.

6 tips om jouw wasruimte te organiseren

Wassen en strijken kan onaangenaam zijn. Toch kan een betere organisatie van jouw wasruimte de huishoudelijke taak minder stresserend maken. Ontdek enkele nuttige tips die je helpen jouw taken bij te houden. 

1. Organiseer de items in manden met etiketten.
2. Gebruik glazen potten voor het opbergen.
3. Gebruik drie wasmanden om vuile kleding te scheiden.
4. Hang de strijkplank aan de muur.
5. Decoreer met planten en foto's.
6. Hou je strijkplank bij de hand.

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How you wash is how you iron

Yourself and the quality of your steam iron do not only determine how successful your ironing goes. You can make the task a little easier with what happens before:


Crease protection


Too dry is not too good

Most modern washing machines and dryers have a crease protection mode. It works in a purely mechanical way: After the washing or drying cycle is finished, the drum keeps up a periodical movement. The clothes don’t rest in the same position but are moved from time to time which prevents the development of creases. This is helpful when you can’t be around to take the ​​​​​​​laundry
​​​​​​​out immediately. The amount of shirts to iron is still the same, but it is easier to do.

If you use a dryer or a clothesline – remember that moisture is needed for perfect ironing results. Yes, your steam iron uses steam to help you get the job done, but it is beneficial if you don’t have bone dry clothes to start with. So if your clothes need ironing, don’t let them get too dry if possible. Your subsequent ironing will be easier and will require less effort.



Use of fabric softener


Fabric softeners have a conditioner-like effect on the fibres. It prevents the individual fibres to develop too strong connections while drying, which is the reason behind the slightly hard feeling to the touch you can experience without them. As a consequence fabrics are smoother which allows the iron to glide better.


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Braun CareStyle steam generator irons

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Braun TexStyle 9 steam iron

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Different fabrics, different needs

Today there are so many different types of fabrics it is not always easy to know how to treat them properly.


What to look for when buying an iron

Become a smarter shopper with this checklist.

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