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MultiGrill 9 Pro

Le meilleur des performances Braun, pour une cuisson parfaite et un résultat professionnel.



Transformez les fruits en jus frais vitaminés.

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Advice on packaging disposal and recycling


We want you to receive your product in the best possible condition, so it has been packaged carefully to help ensure this. Packaging is designed to protect products during storage and transportation, and always we endeavour to minimize the use of raw materials in its production.

We encourage you to dispose of all elements of packaging correctly, recycling where ever possible. Please consult your local authority to check domestic waste and recycling initiatives so we can work together to protect the environment. 

On this page you will find the necessary information to aid proper disposal.

The packaging of our products typically consists of an outer cardboard box with internal protective components. These may be made of expanded polystyrene, cardboard or paper pulp. There may also be plastic bags or films to protect the product, contain documentation or other small parts.

Note: Not all packaging contains all material mentioned.

Directions for packaging disposal
Component Material Material identification Material family Waste collection guidelines*
Protective films and parts  / adhesive tapes # Plastic LDPE 4 / PET 1 / PP5 Plastic Separate collection
External box Corrugated cardboard PAP 20 Paper Separate collection
Cardboard PAP 21
Internal box # Corrugated cardboard PAP 20 Paper Separate collection
Cardboard PAP 21
Protective internal components Expanded polystirene or polyethylene shells PS 6 / LDPE 4 Plastic Separate collection
Cardboard parts PAP 20 Paper Separate collection
moulded paper pulp PAP 21 Paper Separate collection
paperPAP 22PaperSeparate collection
Bags # Plastic LDPE 4 / HDPE 2 / CPE 7 / PP 5 Plastic Separate collection
Descaler container #Plastic(PET + LDPE) 7PlasticSeparate collection

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