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Snack Maker 5
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SnackMaker 5

All your favorite snacks in a snap.

Snack Maker 5

Choose the SnackMaker 5 that suits you best:

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Gaufrier et appareil à sandwichs SnackMaker 5 SM5038

99,90 €
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Gaufrier et appareil à sandwichs SnackMaker 5 SM5005

79,90 €
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Appareil à sandwichs SnackMaker 5 SM5000

59,90 €

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Braun SnackMaker 5 and plates with sandwitches, waffles and freshly grilled vegetables.

Sandwiches, waffles or something freshly grilled?

Enjoy the perfect snack any time of day with 3 different sets of plates. Just pick the right plates for your recipe and fasten them onto the grill with a simple click. With the highly versatile SnackMaker 5, it's fast and easy.
SnackMaker 5 Healthy, low-fat snack making.

Enjoy healthy, low-fat snack making.

The integrated grease tray drains excess oil as you cook for healthier meals. Keeping your recipes healthy without compromising on taste and with no extra oil needed.
SnackMaker 5 Dishwasher safe

Dishwasher-safe removable plates.

The plates are easily removable and dishwasher-safe for super simple clean up. The integrated grease tray is dishwasher-safe as well.

3 different plates.

Enjoy highly flexible cooking and choose the right plates for your snack cravings, powered by 800 Watts of power to prepare all of your favorite snacks in a snap without long pre-heating time.

Snack Maker 5- Sandwitch


Perfect seal.

The clever pre-shaped mould of the plates guarantees a perfect seal, even with your favourite thickly filled sandwiches. Your sandwiches come out perfectly browned and with a diagonal indentation that makes it super easy to slice them in half.
SnackMaker 5- Freshly Grilled


Freshly grilled.

The grill plates lets you add crunch to your panini and prepare tasty quick snacks like vegetables or skewers.
SnackMaker 5- Extra deep waffle plates


Extra deep waffle plates.

If you like fluffy waffles, you'll love these extra deep plates that are perfect for creating delicious waffles. The specially designed grooves ensure that the SnackMaker 5 doesn't leak during cooking so your kitchen stays nice and clean.

Braun's new MultiGrill 7

Superb grilling results.

Braun's new MultiGrill 7

MultiQuick 7

Create delicious side dishes for your BBQ with the MultiQuick System.

MultiQuick 7
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