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Braun CareStyle Compact Pro
  • New

CareStyle Compact Steam generator iron

Saving you 50% time and space*

Braun CareStyle Compact Pro
*Saves 50% time – internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TS 5 steam iron and saves 50% space – compared to Braun IS 7144 steam generator iron.

Odkryj nowy sposób na perfekcyjne prasowanie:

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CareStyle Compact Pro Steam generator iron IS 2577 Violet

  • 779,00 zł
null Main

CareStyle Compact Pro Steam generator iron IS 2565 Blue

  • 739,00 zł
null Main

CareStyle Compact Pro Steam generator Iron IS 2561 White/Orange

  • 689,00 zł
Introducing Braun CareStyle Compact Pro
CareStyle Compact Pro wit6h removable 1.5L water tank

Removable 1.5 L water tank

The world’s most compact steam station with removable 1.5-litre water tank*, easy to remove and refill. Enjoy the increased flexibility of being able to iron longer without having to stop and refill water as often.
*Based on products’ footprint vs. competitors (Dec 2020)
Carestyle Compact Pro  with Advanced Steam Technology: 3x more steam*

Advanced Steam Technology:
3x more steam*

Created to help you enjoy better results, faster. The new CareStyle Compact Pro delivers high steam pressure, a strong steam shot and a powerful continuous steam rate of up to 125g/min. High pump pressure helps the fine steam completely permeate the fabric, so that ironing is ultra-easy. Even the most stubborn creases are smooth in a flash thanks to the additional steam shot.
*vs Braun TS1 steam iron
iMode interface

iMode Interface

This intuitive new interface puts all the innovative functions at your fingertips right on top of the iron. Select from 4 modes at the push of a button while ironing – for no interruptions – you don’t have to put down the iron to set the perfect mode for the task at hand. Turbo Mode gives you maximum steam performance and higher temperature for particularly tough ironing jobs. Smart iCare Mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature for all kinds of ironable fabrics - for smart textile protection. Eco Mode is perfect for delicate fabrics and energy saving. Vertical Refresh Mode lets you do fast and easy touch-ups without an ironing board.

Easy and intuitive.

Discover a range of clever innovations to deliver top ironing results in half the time.

Compact size and vertical design.

The CareStyle Compact Pro takes up 50% less space than other Braun steam generator irons, which leaves you more room on the ironing board. It’s designed to fit into tiny spaces and saves closet space, making storage easier.

Braun CareStyle Compact Pro – Compact size and vertical design

Vertical Refresh Mode.

Select the Vertical Refresh Mode and do fast and easy touch-ups without having to set up the ironing board. Thanks to its high pump pressure, the iron can be used like a vertical steamer for quick refreshing of slightly wrinkled clothes or curtains.

Braun CareStyle Compact Pro – Vertical refresh mode

Smart iCare Mode.

Save time and hassle whilst ironing. Braun’s Smart iCare Mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature for all kinds of fabrics - for smart textile protection and no time wasted on heating up or cooling down.

Braun CareStyle Compact Pro with Smart iCare mode
Braun CareStyle Compact Pro with FreeGlide 3D Technology

FreeGlide 3D Technology

For unique 360°glidability over any fabric, any obstacle – even backwards. Never again will you get stuck on hard to reach seams, constantly readjusting the garment, which causes new wrinkles. The rounded and bevelled edges of the soleplate allow the iron to glide effortlessly over buttons, pockets etc. – anything it meets along your way.
Braun CareStyle Compact Pro

Explore our How-to videos

Have a look and get inspired by the CareStyle Compact Pro.

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Discover the world’s first ergonomics certified iron*.

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