CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron IS 5056

CareStyle 5 Pro Steam generator iron IS 5056 BK

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For those who appreciate German technology and quality, Braun introduces the new CareStyle 5 Pro to the ironing system market: It has the potential to become your wardrobe’s best friend! 

The World’s first freeGlide 3D soleplate, with rounded and bevelled edges, helps the iron glide effortlessly – even backwards – over zippers, seams, buttons – anything it meets along the way.

The advanced CareStyle 5 Pro models even provide an additional Turbo mode functionto easily iron toughest fabrics, such as jeans, linen, etc.

This commitment to excellence has been awarded. Thanks to its outstanding features and design, the Braun CareStyle 5 ironing system range has received the Plus X Award “Best product of the year” in its category.

iCare Technology

Smart iCare mode – for all kinds of fabrics
Your wardrobe’s new best friend: regardless of the length of time spent ironing, your ironing needs or the garment – iCare technology will make your ironing experience quicker and easier.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode
The advanced CareStyle 5 Pro models feature a Turbo mode with maximum steam power and higher temperature for particularly tough ironing jobs. Even the most resistant creases in thick fabrics are removed quickly.

3D BackGlide soleplate

FreeGlide 3D soleplate
Braun's FreeGlide 3D soleplate guarantees 360° glideability and transforms ironing into a faster, more efficient and hassle-free experience. Never again will you get stuck on buttons, pockets and zippers, constantly readjusting the garment and causing new wrinkles. You will have no trouble accessing hard-to-reach areas, gliding along effortlessly over any fabric, any obstacle - and most importantly even backwards.

Saphir 3D soleplate

Saphir 3D Premium soleplate
Long lasting performance.Superb gliding. Even backwards.

Braun’s most scratch-resistant soleplate: the unique and extremely robust Saphir soleplate is four times harder than stainless steel thanks to its 6 different layers. This guarantees outstanding durability and scratchfree performance so that all your clothes are delicately ironed time after time without damaging them. Even the most delicate garments look as beautiful as the day you first ironed them, for many years to come.

High steam performance

High steam performance
Higher pressure helps the fine steam completely permeate the fabric, so that ironing is ultra-easy. Even the most stubborn creases are smooth in a flash thanks to the additional steam shot. There is no easier way to get your clothes looking fresh-pressed, fast.

Eco mode

Eco mode
It is possible to set the Eco mode when not much steam is needed, in order to have less power consumption.

50% time

50% less time consumption
There is no easier, more efficient and especially faster way to achieve superb results - with a minimum of effort.
* internal laboratory test, comparing Braun TS 5 iron with Braun CareStyle 5 steam generator irons.

Safety iron auto-off

Safety iron auto-off
After 10 minutes without pressing the steam button the iron will turn into the auto-off mode. To ensure safety and conserve resources.


Easy CalcClean system
It ensures that you will be able to enjoy long-lasting performance from your device. It alerts you to any build-up of mineral scaling, and the cleaning process is simple and convenient.

Easy lock system

Easy lock system
The one-move, easy lock feature secures the device safely and quickly: just press the iron down onto the station and it is locked.

High compactness

High compactness
Just pick up the whole compact system and it is ready to be stored away – quickly and easily.

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