CareStyle 3 Steam Station IS 3022

Super compact, huge tank capacity.

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The lightweight compact form and slim rounded design make the CareStyle 3 easy to move and store. In spite of its extremely compact dimensions, it gives you the advantage of an extra-large 2-litre tank capacity.

The CareStyle 3 features the world’s first FreeGlide 3D soleplate. The rounded and bevelled edges of the soleplate allow the iron to glide effortlessly over pockets, buttons and zippers – even backwards.

3D BackGlide soleplate Compact Extra-large tank

The world’s first  freeGlide 3D Soleplate

Outstanding in its space-saving design, the CareStyle 3 steam station features the most compact dimensions of the Braun series. Its lightweight compact form and slim rounded design make the CareStyle 3 easy to move and store – especially if you want to put it away into a closet when not in use.

Small outside, big inside 

The rounded and upward curving FreeGlide 3D soleplate glides along effortlessly over any fabric, any obstacle - and most importantly even backwards. Never again will you get stuck on buttons, pockets and zippers, constantly readjusting the garment and causing new wrinkles. That saves you time and trouble, you will enjoy perfect ironing results, fast.

Extra-large removable tank

Easy to refill, transport and store. Fewer interruptions for refilling, which makes ironing faster. 


Eloxal 3D soleplate

Smoothes perfectly and fast 

Even backwards.

More steam power

High steam performance

Higher volume of steam compared to a steam iron. Higher pressure to completely permeate the textile with finer steam. Faster to remove wrinkles

50% less time consuming

 According to internal laboratory tests, comparing Braun TexStyle 5 steam iron with Braun CareStyle 3. 

Easy lock

Easy lock system

Easy lock system to store the iron securely and easily. 

Easy cord storage

Cord storage

For easy transportation and storage CareStyle 3 is equipped with clips on either side to store the power cord and steam cord. 

CalcClean system

Ensures long-lasting performance from your device. The LED panel alerts you to any build-up of mineral scaling, and the cleaning process is simple and convenient. 





Small outside, big inside 

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