TributeCollection Kitchen machine KM 3050

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  • 3-in-1 kitchen machine

    3-in-1 kitchen machine

    Mixer, food processor and jug blender: all 3 systems in 1 compact device. This versatile machine performs any task you can think of – even up to 4 kg of dough.

  • Powerful and silent, 900W motor

    Powerful and silent, 900W motor

    With 900W at its disposal, the Kitchen machine can process even the biggest tasks. Despite its strength, the very low noise level makes for a pleasant working environment.

  • Unique feeding funnel

    Unique feeding funnel

    Easy filling and easy control from the top through the wide-mouthed feed funnel. Your ingredients are added easily without the need to stop processing.

  • Variable speed with auto-pulse function

    Variable speed with auto-pulse punction

    Choose up to 15 different speeds for even more performance control and variability or use the auto-pulse function for more precise results.

  • Versatility of high-quality attachments

    Versatility of high-quality attachments

    Versatility without limits - 15 different accessories satisfy any food preparation desire. Durable stainless steel discs guarantee years of durability for grating, slicing and shredding.