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How do I connect the food processor bowl to the hand blender?

Carefully remove the plastic cover from the blade as it is very sharp! Always hold it by the upper plastic part and handle it carefully. To connect the food processor bowl and the hand blender, place the blade on the center pin of the bowl, press it down and give it a turn so that it locks into place. For slicing, shredding, julienning and making French fries place an insert into the insert holder, snap into position, place the assembled insert holder or French fry disc on the center pin of the bowl and give it a turn so that it locks into place. Attach the lid to the bowl with the latch positioned to the right of the bowl handle and align with marks. To lock the lid, turn it clockwise so that the latch
engages with a click. Insert the motor part into the coupling until it locks. Plug in the appliance and insert the food to be processed into the feed tube using the pusher. Switch the appliance on to operate. For best French fry results, place 3-4 potatoes (depending on the size) in the feed tube of the lid while the motor is switched off.
Note: Never reach into the feed tube when the appliance is switched on. Always use the pusher to feed in food.
After use, unplug and press the release buttons to detach the motor body. Press the lid latch and hold it. Turn the lid counter-clockwise to unlatch it. Lift the lid up. Carefully take out the blade, insert holder or French fry disc before pouring out the contents of the bowl. To remove the blade, insert holder or French fry disc, slightly turn it then pull it off. To remove an insert, push it up at the one end that protrudes at the bottom side of the insert holder.