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Baby Nutrition. Homemade is always the healthier choice.


Baby nutrition expert Marlein Auge

Along with presentations and cooking classes, in which she provides inspiration for a balanced diet, she has been writing nutrition guides and cookbooks under the pseudonym Anne Iburg since 1999. She has published more than 30 books, and has established herself as a notable author in the field of child nutrition, with several Amazon bestsellers on the topic of infant nutrition and recipes for young children.

In the age of social media, nutrition is a major topic. Information on this topic, however, is often very contradictory and confusing. More and more parents are seeking peace of mind and are focused on finding the right diet for their children. By cooking their own baby food, parents can be confident that they have prepared a natural, healthy meal for their child. And with the right equipment, preparing baby food can be quick and easy!
​​​​​​​To help parents in feeding their children, this Braun guide delivers tried-and-tested recipes for everything from purees and solid baby food to family meals, all with guaranteed success, and photos to whet your appetite! As well as helpful nutrition tips.
​​​​​​​Marlein Auge and Braun hope you enjoy trying out these recipes. Bon appétit!

Homemade food: best for your baby, rewarding for you.


Homemade food: best for your baby, rewarding for you.

Preparing homemade food is the best way to ensure your little one gets the best nutrition; vitamin-packed fresh fruit and vegetables with none of the colourings, flavourings or additives that a tiny tummy simply does not need! Blending your choice of ingredients into delicious, fresh meals also helps your baby develop healthy eating habits and can provide a wide variety of tastes and textures.


What do I need to quickly prepare nutritious food for my baby and toddler?

Most of us buy readymade baby food from time to time, but there’s no better way to make sure food is nutritious and tasty than to prepare it yourself from fresh ingredients. However there are so many different things that are competing for your time, from looking after the house to caring for you child. That’s where your Braun Multiquick hand blender comes in.

The stages of feeding

Milk-only diet

From birth until around 6 months

​​​​​​​From birth until around 6 months, your baby will get all the nutrition it needs from breast or formula milk.


Baby’s first foods

From around 6 until 7 months

​​​​​​​Baby’s regular milk plus simple, soft purées made from one or two fruits or vegetables, baby rice and lentils.


Next steps

From around 7 until 9 months

​​​​​​​Baby’s regular milk plus fruit, vegetable and rice purées, with the addition of well puréed meats, other legumes, soft pasta, fromage frais and soft finger foods.


More adventurous

From around 9 until 12 months

​​​​​​​Less milk, thicker purées, more chopped foods, cheese and eggs, more finger foods like chopped soft fruits and vegetables, toasted bread, with dips, soft sandwiches.



From around 13 until 23 months

​​​​​​​Expanding the variety of foods to include many family foods. Eating family meals.


Pre-school and beyond

From 24 months upwards

​​​​​​​Eating family meals.


Baby Nutrition Guide

More useful information

​​​​​​​Download our Baby Nutrition Guide for even more information about the different stages of feeding and recipes.


Baby Nutrition Centre

The stages of feeding


Baby Nutrition Centre

Essential vitamins and minerals