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The best hand blender for the hardest jobs

Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand blender

The best hand blender for the hardest jobs.*

*Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ActiveBlade shaft.

Explore the versatility & choose the setup which fits you best:

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  • -19%

MultiQuick 9 Hand blender MQ 9175XL

  • €144.90
  • €179.00
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Varinha mágica MultiQuick 9 MQ 9195XLI

  • €224.39
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Varinha mágica MultiQuick 9 MQ 9187XLI

  • €199.90
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Varinha mágica MultiQuick 9 MQ 9147X

  • €147.69
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Varinha mágica MultiQuick 9 MQ9125XS

  • €129.90
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Varinha mágica MultiQuick 9 MQ 9135XI

  • €123.99

The next generation hand blender

Experience the ground-breaking technology of this next generation hand blender. The flagship of our leading range of hand blenders is the best kitchen helper - even for the hardest jobs.*

Whatever your needs – no task is too great for the powerful MultiQuick 9.
*Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ActiveBlade shaft

Experience the groundbreaking technology for 40% less effort on the hardest foods*

*Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ActiveBlade shaft


Accept the challenge.

The unique ActiveBlade moves up and down to effortlessly chop nuts, coconut, ginger, dark chocolate or any other hard-to-cut ingredients. Our ActiveBlade Technology - evolved to tackle the toughest jobs, this innovative new flexible shaft results in 250% more active cutting surface to work with, which results in 2 times finer blending!* To make you unstoppable in the kitchen.
*Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ActiveBlade shaft

Splashes don’t stand a chance.

Keep you and your kitchen spotless. Braun's world's first PowerBell blending shaft with SplashControl Technology is a standard for every Braun hand blender. It prevents splashing and delivers the best blending results with no mess.
hand blenders Braun additional cutting zone

Extra blade means extra power.

With our PowerBell Plus Technology the MultiQuick 9 features an extra milling blade. This innovative additional blade delivers more cutting per rotation. Process large pieces of food with more comfort and less effort than ever before.

Follow your intuition.

World´s first SmartSpeed Technology. Speed settings are not predefined, therefore you can select all speeds intuitively and receive the result you want - with the simple squeeze of one button. If you aim for coarse and roughly chopped results, push gently. If you want to achieve fine results,  increase the push of the button for more power. Enjoy a guaranteed clean and tidy result no matter how powerful you press the speed button - the soft-start ensures constant control.

Blending hard and super foods.

What is your challenge for the Braun MultiQuick 9 hand blender? Chocolate chunks? Walnuts? Or Parmesan? The Braun MultiQuick 9 will chop even the hardest-to-cut ingredients. Enjoy its super power, whenever you need it!

Get used to being able to do everything.

The award-winning Braun MultiQuick 9 hand blender offers you so much more. More innovations. More power. More accessories. More of everything you need to get more creative in the kitchen.

MQ 60 Coffee and spice grinder

Grind your coffee beans and spices within seconds!

Grind coffee beans to fresh perfection or add a little more zest to your next meal with your own homemade spice mixtures using things like peppercorns, cinnamon sticks or dried chillies. The stainless steel bowl doesn’t pick up odours, so you can grind curry at night and your coffee in the morning – without having to worry about tasting one with the other.

Food processor accessory (1.5 l)

Chopping, blending, shredding, slicing, French fries and even kneading

Discover the ultimate all-in-one helper ideal for all jobs. Besides chopping & blending, shred & slice from course to fine, enjoy homemade French fries and dough.

Chopper / Blender accessory (1.25 l)

Chopping, blending and ice-crushing.

This accessory does the job of two – besides quickly and easily chopping your cooking ingredients, it is also perfect for blending smooth shakes and drinks or even offers a simple way to crush ice.

Chopper accessory (500 ml)

Makes your big jobs easier than ever – chops & minces anything.

From meats and cheeses to onions, herbs and garlic, vegetables, nuts or dried fruits – get great results in just seconds.

Chopper accessory (350 ml)

Chopping & mincing for your small jobs.

Whether it’s onions to avoid tearing eyes or herbs, meats, hard cheeses, nuts and more, you are just seconds away from ready-to-use.

Purée accessory

Mashing & puréeing

The masher is the ideal kitchen aid for a convenient and fast preparation of perfect mashed potatoes – even mashing and puréeing cooked vegetables into a creamy, smooth consistency is just so simple.

Whisk accessory

Whipping, beating or stirring.

You’ve never seen faster results for whipping cream, beating eggs, mixing cakes or stirring Hollandaise sauce, as well as making instant and homemade desserts.

German design blended with intuitive use

For Braun, design is so much more than making things look good. It is designing tools in a way that they can be used more easily, intuitively and with better results. Day after day, for years to come.
  • en_PSP-SC_braun_hand-blender_multiquick-3-vario_award-if_Def.png
  • en_PSP-SC_braun_hand-blender_multiquick9_plus-x-award-best-product-2016-2017.png
  • en_PSP-SC_braun_hand-blender_multiquick9_plus-x-award-2016-achieved-for.png
  • Designed in Germany

1000W motor

Braun’s most powerful, highly efficient motor.

ActiveBlade technology

Unique ActiveBlades move up and down to easily blend the hardest foods with 40% less effort* due to a 250% more active cutting surface to work with. This also results in 2 times finer blending. * Compared to Braun hand blenders with non ActiveBlade shaft

PowerBell Plus technology

Extra milling blade delivers more cutting per rotation and blends large pieces of food with less effort.

World's first SmartSpeed

No predefined speed settings, just follow your intuition: Depending on the results you want adjust the power intuitively with the simple squeeze of one button.

Up to 2x finer blending

Tastier, smoother results with no unwanted pieces.

SplashControl technology

Prevents splashing – to keep you and your kitchen spotless.

EasyClick Plus system

Faster attaching of EasyClick Plus accessories thanks to bigger, easier to use buttons and the intuitive straight cut design.

Braun IdentityCollection

Discover the whole Braun IdentityCollection


Braun TributeCollection

The essentials of what cooking is all about

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