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Braun CareStyle range can kill viruses and bacterias

Braun ironing range

Kills more than 99.99% of viruses and bacteria¹

Sanitization function – a Braun ironing range standard

All of Braun‘s steam irons and steam generator irons have been proven to kill more than 99,99 % of viruses and bacteria¹.


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Braun TexStyle 9
Braun TexStyle 9

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Braun Steam generator irons
Braun Steam generator irons

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Pathogens in and on textiles

Sometimes more than a nuisance

At the latest, the coronavirus has made it clear to all of us what serious effects the spread of viruses or pathogenic bacteria can have. But even apart from serious infectious diseases, viruses, germs, or bacteria in or on textiles can have unpleasant consequences, for example unpleasant odors or allergic reactions. But fortunately, thanks to Braun‘s steam generator irons and steam irons there is an easy and convenient way to reduce the spread of these pathogens.
Braun Irons – Reduce the spread of Pathogens in and on textiles by ironing

Eliminate viruses

Viruses are infectious pathogens that multiply in the living cells of the human body, can be transmitted in various ways and are typically smaller in size than most bacteria.

The Braun CareStyle, TexStyle and FreeStyle series have been tested against the following viruses: Adenovirus, type 5 (dsDNA virus, ATCC VR-5) Murine norovirus, MNV (ssRNA virus, Berlin Friedrich Loeffler Institute RVB-0651), Bovine coronavirus, BCoV (ssRNA virus, Berlin Friedrich Loeffler Institute S379 Riems).
Woman, steaming a jacket vertically with Braun CareStyle Steam generator iron

Eliminate bacteria

Bacteria are first of all single-celled organisms that can be found everywhere in our ecosystem, including in the human body or even in the perpetual ice of the Arctic and can be very useful. Some types of bacteria, however, can cause diseases, from a simple skin rash to more serious diseases.

The Braun CareStyle, TexStyle and FreeStyle series have been tested against the following bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus (Gram-positive, ATCC 6538), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Gram-negative, ATCC 15442), Escherichia coli (Gram-negative, ATCC 10536), Enterococcus hirae (Gram-positive, ATCC 10541).

Why washing your textiles alone is not enough.

Both viruses and bacteria can survive on textiles for a long time, depending on the material. The problem: common household washing machines remove dirt from textile but might not be sufficient to remove viruses and bacteria, because the temperature required for this would bleach the textile colors and damage the fabrics.

Luckly Braun‘s ironing range not only kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria¹, but it is safe on garments while ironing¹, effectively sanitizing without damaging your fabrics.
Close up of a Woman, ironing a shirt with Braun CareStyle 7 Steam generator iron


Natural disinfection for your clothes and home textiles without harmful chemicals.

Environmentally friendly and also extremely cost-effective: combating viruses and bacteria with heat and steam. The Braun ironing range can do a great job of inactivating microorganisms while refreshing and ironing your textiles. The Braun ironing range reaches a moist heat of >100°C, killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria².

In addition, steam sanitization offers several other advantages:

Environmentally friendly

The Braun ironing range uses 100% steam, instead of harsh chemicals like many dry cleaners to eliminate bacteria or viruses from textiles. It’s also energy efficient, as it can eliminate bacteria and viruses as it can eliminate bacteria and viruses in a few seconds while ironing.

Braun TexStyle 7 Pro


An excellent alternative to expensive chemicals and washing machine or dry-cleaning for disinfection; simply use steam and heat.

Woman steaming a shirt vertically with a Braun CareStyle steam iron


The Braun steam irons and steam generator irons are ready for use in <2 minutes and removes bacteria and viruses¹ in seconds.

Braun FreeStyle 5


More sensitive to the skin, as thus also no chemical residues can remain in your textiles.

A Braun CareStyle Compact steam generator iron in its station on an ironing board with a pile of freshly folded laundry.
Braun’s CareStyle range

Braun’s CareStyle range

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¹ Independent laboratory test for bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Enterococcus hirae and viruses Adenovirus type 5, Murine norovirus MNV, Bovine coronavirus, BCoV. 2 dots for CareStyle 1 & 1 Pro, iCare mode for all other CareStyle models and maximum temperature setting for steam irons, back and forth ironing (5 cm/sec).

² The Braun CareStyle series has been tested against the following viruses: Adenovirus, type 5 (dsDNA virus, ATCC VR-5) Murine norovirus, MNV (ssRNA virus, Berlin Friedrich Loeffler Institute RVB-0651), Bovine coronavirus, BCoV (ssRNA virus, Berlin Friedrich Loeffler Institute S379 Riems)

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