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MultiGrill 9 Pro

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Breakfast Series 1

Todo lo que necesitas para empezar bien el día.

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Función de higienización

Acaba con más del 99,99% de los virus y bacterias¹.

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Braun ID Breakfast Collection

Colección de desayuno Braun

Empieza el día a tu manera: El desayuno hecho a tu gusto.

Colección ID Breakfast de Braun

null Main

Tostador IDCollection HT 5010 blanco

52,90 € 74,90 €
null Main

Hervidor IDCollection WK 5115 negro

79,99 € 104,90 €
null Main

Cafetera IDCollection KF 5105 blanca

134,90 €
null Main

Tostador IDCollection HT 5010 negro

84,90 €

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Toaster

Braun ID Breakfast Collection toaster

Bread. Bagles. Buns. Sandwiches. Toast your way.

Any bread you love, perfectly toasted. With the Braun ID Breakfast Collection toasters, finding your taste is easy with 13 browning settings - from soft light-gold to crispy dark-brown. There´s also a bun warmer attachment for larger bread rolls and a special bagel function. Discover how quick and delicious making hot snacks can be.

Easily toast hot sandwiches without a mess.

With the special anti-leakage sandwich cage - exclusive to Braun - you can easily toast a delicious hot sandwich with no risk of ingredients melting into the toaster body.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Toaster with anti-leakage sandwich cage

Enjoy your toast just the way you like it.

13 browning settings let you customize your results to perfection.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Toaster with 13 browning settings

Toast your bagel to perfection, indside and out.

Select the bagel function to perfectly toast the inside of cut bagels, while the outer side is only slightly warmed and stays nice and soft.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Toaster with bagel function

Buns? No problem!

Warm or toast certain breads and pastries thanks to the removable bun warmer attachment.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Toaster with bun warmer attachment
Braun ID Breakfast Collection Coffee Maker

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Coffee maker

The coffee you love with the perfect aroma.

Customize the flavour intensity of your coffee: strong, regular or mild. With help of the Aroma Select you can select how strong you want your coffee to be. What´s more, the OptiBrew System optimizes temperature, brewing time and extraction for optimal coffee flavour. The specially designed AromaCarafe ensures that your coffee stays hotter longer and retains its aroma.

Enjoy excellent coffee - no matter how many cups.

1-4 cup setting for the finest aroma even when brewing small quantities.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Coffee Maker with 1-4 cup setting

Strong, regular or mild.

Customize the flavour intensity and find your personal favourite with Aroma Select.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Coffee Maker with Aroma Select

Optimized temperature, brewing time and extraction.

The OptiBrew System technology delivers excellent flavour by high brewing temperature, homogeneous coffee extraction and optimal brewing time.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Coffee Maker with OptiBrew System

Filling water has never been easier.

Fill in water with the carafe or directly into the removable water tank with the Double-Filling System.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Coffee Maker with double-filling system
Braun ID Breakfast Collection Kettle

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Water kettle

Black. Green. White.Tea your way.

The tea you love at the perfect temperature. Its 5 temperature settings let you bring out the full flavours of your teas. Enjoy herbal infusions, black, green and white tea, as well as baby food warming with help of convenient features like a keep warm function and descale warning as well as Braun's RapidBoil System.

Bring out the full flavour of every type of tea.

Bring out the full flavour of your favourite teas with temperature control customization by making use of the 5 temperature settings.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Kettle with 5 temperature settings

Fill the kettle directly from the tap.

Convenient Double-Filling System to fill water from the wide spout or by opening the flip lid.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Kettle with double filling system

Keep your water at the perfect temperature.

When activated, the Keep warm function conveniently keeps the water at your selected temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Kettle with Keep warm function

Enjoy a cup of tea in 45 seconds.

Get 200ml water boiled in only 45 seconds with the fast boiling system.

Braun ID Breakfast Collection Kettle with fast boiling system

Empieza el día a tu manera

El desayuno justo como te gusta.

Start the day your way

Braun desayuno Serie 1

Todo lo que necesitas.

Braun Breakfast Series 1