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Fitness facts and tips


Exercise times, regeneration phase and training routines


What should your warm-up look like?

The general and active warm-up phase involves large muscle groups. The goal of a warm-up is to increase your body's "operating temperature". This is achieved when you cycle, go running or skip rope, for example. A warm-up should last about 5-10 minutes, but the intensity should not to be too high. It should only activate and stimulate you muscles.


How long should a training session last?

​​​​​​​The duration of your training can depend on various dactors such as your training goal, training frequency, how often you got to the gym, your daily form, or training experience. A full body workout will probably be shorter for a beginner than for an experienced athlete. A leg or back-specific workout will also take more time than a workout only for your arms. So there is no optimal workout time, but there are certain things you should consider during your workout:

  • Your training should be goal-oriented
  • You should always have a training plan
  • Your focus is on your training - you can find time to talk before or after the session

Training times: It doesn't matter so much when you train, what's important is that you train at all. Each training time has its own advantages and disadvantages. The key is to find the right time to train for yourself, or how to best fit your training into your daily schedule.

When does the body actively start burning fat?

The body starts burning fat as soon as your training session begins. However, the proportion of enegry provided by the burning of fat is initially very low, and only increases after about 30 minutes of a constant moderate load to provide the bulk of your body's energy production.

How do I achieve long-term athletic success?

​​​​​​​Train with a training plan, because a goal without a plan is just a wish. Many people often wander around the gym without a plan, and don't really know what and how to train. Training based on your mood, without a plan, is neither effective nor will it help you in the long run. Success requires a planned approach! You should have a professional and well-structured training plan in order to make any strength training effective.

The advantages of having a training plan:
  • It provides a systematic structure to your training to achieve your specific goal
  • A good training plan starts from your actual fitness level, and adapts to your fitness step-by-step
  • It permits a custom, periodised plan
  • It provides a basic structure with training frequency, exercise selection, number of sets and repetitions, etc.
  • It prescribes a balance between workload and regeneration
  • It gives beginners the necessary help and orientation
  • It brings structure into your daily training routine, and is a signpost in the myriad of training tips and advice available out there
  • It is used to analyse or log your completed training sessions
  • A set structure saves you a lot of time

It is important to train regularly over a long period. Therefore you should find a sport or a training plan that is fun and that you can keep up for a long time. You should also celebrate your small wins and progress, to keep your motivation high. Your training must be part of your daily life, just like brushing your teeth. It may be a kind of a "must" at the beginning, but at some point it becomes routine and a passion. Celebrate your small wins and progress, and be happy about it. After a while, you may want to bring variety into your training, try new training methods, new sports and new exercises.

Regeneration phases:

As already mentioned, there are many ways to best regenerate your body. Besides regenerating your body passively, you can also do so actively. This includes, for example, some light endurance training, followed by some dynamic stretching. Regenerative training increases your overall physical endurance and resistance. It is important not to strain the muscles, but only use them a little. Foam rolling is also highly recommendable. Besides loosening your connective tissue and any tension, foam rolling also improves the blood circulation to your muscles. This makes it easier for your muscles to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients, which can ultimately promote regeneration as well. A sauna session is also a good way to actively regenerate your body. The heat relaxes your muscles. Metabolic waste products can also be eliminated more quickly, and your muscle tone relaxed.


Helpful tips for your regeneration phases

  • Maintain a well-balanced diet
  • Do regeneration training
  • Get adequate sleep and sleep quality
  • Visit the sauna
  • Avoid stress thanks to training routines: as a rule, your training routines should match your goals. As a general rule: quality before quantity! Listen to your body, and adjust your training accordingly. The most important factor is a training schedule that is adjusted to your training goals. You can train as often as you like and for as long as you like, as long as you are progressing towards to your set goals and having fun.


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