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Food waste: What are the causes and how can we eliminate it?

At Braun we believe that good design can improve lives. That's why we follow three principles: Good design should be simple, useful and built to last. With our sustainable design and durable domestic products, we are particularly concerned about the issue of food waste. Why? Because it's an issue that affects us all. And because, by working together, we have the ability to make a difference. Of course, we shouldn’t expect to solve everything at once. Instead, when it comes to preventing food waste, every step counts. No matter how small.


Imperfect food.

Fruit and vegetables that have been discarded, simply because they don’t look perfect, account for a serious share of the global food waste problem. Most of the time, misshaped produce is already separated out during the harvest and doesn’t even make it to the market, only because it does not meet our aesthetic expectations.Too bent, too straight, too knobbly, too smooth – there are numerous reasons why so many perfectly edible apples, carrots and the like end up in the bin. However, these less attractive products taste just as delicious.

Hate waste, love imperfect – find out more

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