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Less food waste


Food waste: What are the causes and how can we eliminate it?

At Braun we believe that good design can improve lives. That's why we follow three principles: Good design should be simple, useful and built to last. With our sustainable design and durable domestic products, we are particularly concerned about the issue of food waste. Why? Because it's an issue that affects us all. And because, by working together, we have the ability to make a difference. Of course, we shouldn’t expect to solve everything at once. Instead, when it comes to preventing food waste, every step counts. No matter how small.

Simple, useful, built to last: Our tips for preventing food waste.

We’d like to illustrate what you can do to combat food waste by looking at our three brand principles. Simple: We provide tips everyone can follow. Useful: We recommend specific, practical measures that can lead to a more sustainable lifestyle. Built to last: Our ideas and small, simple actions will introduce enduring changes to your daily life, making it more environmentally friendly.​​​​​​​

Stop food ending up in the bin: Shop sensibly and seasonally.

If you buy too much, you’ll throw a lot away. Or, looking at it a different way, reducing food waste starts in your cart at the supermarket. It’s not hard to check what you already have in the cupboard and fridge, plan ahead and buy only what you need – and it also makes your weekly shop much easier.

Learn how to plan your shop effectively

Fresher and tastier for longer: How to store food.

After you have planned your shopping, taking the time to store your food properly is decisive in ensuring it stays fresh. Sorting your purchases once you get home will help to keep your fruit and vegetables, dairy products, bread, pasta and meat fresh for longer. Some foods need to be chilled, while others just need to be kept at room temperature. We’ve put together some tips outlining when and how you can store food so that everything stays fresh for as long as possible.

​​​​Find out how to store food

Zero waste: Keeping food fresh and getting creative with leftovers.

Huge amounts of food end up in the bin every day. Planning your grocery shopping, storing it properly and adopting a more conscious approach to what you eat can all help to reduce food waste. Even small changes can help to cut waste or even avoid it completely. But nobody's perfect: We don't need to achieve a zero waste lifestyle immediately, we all just need to start. Equipped with a few tricks for keeping fruit, vegetables and other precious produce fresh, and even reviving a few things past their best, you can reduce food waste to a minimum or even eliminate it entirely. Why not start getting creative with your leftovers?

Discover how to keep food fresh and get creative with leftovers

Meal prep saves time, effort and waste.

If you only eat small portions and don’t like spending time in the kitchen if you can avoid it, you can turn this to your advantage. Simply pick a time to cook a larger amount and store individual portions in the fridge or freezer. This works particularly well with soups, sauces and dishes like ratatouille, for example. Once a common practice known as pre-cooking, it now carries the trendier name “meal prep”. This new old trend offers a host of advantages, allowing you to use produce while it’s still fresh from the market and store it until you want to eat it.

Find out more about meal prep now

Imperfect food.

Fruit and vegetables that have been discarded, simply because they don’t look perfect, account for a serious share of the global food waste problem. Most of the time, misshaped produce is already separated out during the harvest and doesn’t even make it to the market, only because it does not meet our aesthetic expectations.Too bent, too straight, too knobbly, too smooth – there are numerous reasons why so many perfectly edible apples, carrots and the like end up in the bin. However, these less attractive products taste just as delicious.

Hate waste, love imperfect – find out more

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