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Braun MultiPractic 3 Chopper  – Performance made easy.-3_Performance-made-easy_SM_767x1151.jpg
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MultiPractic 3 Chopper

Performance made easy. Process up to 25% more ingredients.*

*Compared to Braun CH301 dual bladeTest based on pureeing baby food recipe.

One of them is perfect for you:

PurEase Food Processors

Intuitively one touch.

PurEase Food Processor

MultiPractic Chopper

Performance made easy. Process up to 25% more ingredients.

Braun MultiPractic 3 Chopper
Braun MultiPractic 3 Chopper with four blades

MultiPractic 3 Chopper

Four blades crush more than two.

Process up to 25% more ingredients.* With four layered stainless-steel blades for fast and precise chopping. The Quadblade™ Technology makes the MultiPractic 3 versatile, whether for the perfect crushed ice or for grinding meat.
*Compared to Braun CH301 dual bladeTest based on pureeing baby food recipe.

Compact design that fits in any kitchen.

The compact design of the PureEase Food processor means that this machine will easily fit on any kitchen counter as well as being easy to store when not in use. Save precious cabinet space. Due to it's compact size and the possibility to neatly store away the cable thanks to the integrated cable tidy, the MultiPractic 3 Mini Chopper fits into any cabinet space.

Be versatile.
Be multi-functional.

The PurEase Food processor with the right attachment for all applications - blend, shredd, slice, juice, knead, emulsify or grind.


Braun's new MultiQuick 9

Experience unlimited versatility. You can do it all.

Braun MultiQuick 9X Hand blender

Braun PurEase Spin juicer

Fresh juice made easy. Morning made simple.

Braun PurEase Spin juicer