Breakfast around the world

The world of breakfast is as versatile as the world of Braun Household. Every nation has its own preferences when it comes to the first meal of the day. While it is supposed to be quick in most regions in Europe (like Italy and France), other countries enjoy a substantial and extensive breakfast and celebrate it as much as dinner (like Japan). Find out about foreign traditions and get a taste for them.

Good morning England

A full English breakfast includes sausage, scrambled egg, bacon, baked beans, fried or grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, and comes with a side of white toast. Sometimes, a slice of black or white pudding (a type of blood sausage) is added. The most popular choice of beverage in the morning is coffee or tea.

English breakfast


Similar to other Asian countries like Korea, traditional breakfast in Japan is savoury and similar to lunch and dinner. It specifically consists of plain steamed rice, Miso soup, Tsukemono (Japanese pickles), Natto (fermented soy beans) grilled like fish and a vegetable side dish (Kobachi).

Japanese Breakfast

Bom dia Brazil

Really strong coffee (that can be rounded off with some milk) is compulsory in the morning in Brazil. Bread, most commonly Pão Francês, served with butter or margerine is as important as fresh fruit like papaya. Some people also add cold cuts or jam to their breakfast to put on the bread.

Brasil breakfast

Доброе утро Russia

Curd pancakes called Syrniki are a traditional breakfast option in Russia if there is enough time in the morning. They are eaten with jam, sweetened condensed milk, honey or sour cream. A typical everyday breakfast is Kolbasa, a sandwich consisting of a slice of white bread and one or two slices of either cheese or Russian sausage.

Buon giorno Italy

An authentic Italian breakfast is rather simple, including a coffee beverage (such as cappuccino) and a sweet pastry. Popular variations of the sweet treat are a cornetto, the Italian version of a croissant (served plain or with jam) or a biscotti, a kind of sweet bread that can be dipped in coffee.

صباح الخير Egypt

Ful medames is a traditional breakfast dish in Egypt, mostly accompanied by freshly baked Aish baladi (Egyptian bread). It consists of mashed fava beans, cumin, garlic and lemon, and can be refined with olive oil, cayenne or chilli and tahini. A typical topping consists of a hard-boiled or fried egg and some herbs like parsley.

God morgon Sweden

Smörgås, an open-face sandwich layered with fish, cold cuts, or cheese is typical in Sweden. To liven it up, fresh vegetables like cucumber, bell peppers or onions as well as pickles are a common topping. Besides the breakfast tradition, international breakfast staples like oatmeal porridge and cereal or muesli are also very common.