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Braun MultiQuick System

The world's largest attachment system* for unlimited versatility.

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Breakfast Series 1

Just what you need. Start your day off right.

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Steam generator irons

Save 50% time* for what really matters.

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Hand blender attachments & accessories

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Sanitization function

Kills more than 99.99% of viruses and bacteria¹.

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Braun TexStyle 5 steam iron

Excellent ergonomic design.

Choose the TexStyle 5 that suits you best:


Outstanding durability and glidability.

The Eloxal soleplate smoothes perfectly and fast. 15 t-shirts ironed in 30 minutes.

Precision tip for excellent results in hard-to-reach areas.

Ironing around buttons, collars, pockets and other challenging areas becomes a breeze when using the steam shot button. The triangularly shaped steam zone of the precision tip easily removes small wrinkles in hard to reach areas - for excellent results. The steam emmission can be raised from a constant steam rate of 30 g/min in Turbo mode to a maximum of 160g/min (steam shot) - ideal for removing creases in curtains and hanging garments in a vertical position.

20% lighter*, open handle for more comfort.

The ergonomically designed TexStyle 5 with open handle is 20% lighter* for greater comfort and freedom of movement to make ironing an effortless pleasure, especially when you have loads to iron.
​​​​​​​*Compared to Braun TS 765 A

Garment-safe on all settings.

With Braun’s unique Textile protector, even delicate fabrics can be ironed at temperature settings with all the steam functions your iron offers. At the same time, it protects delicate fabrics from heat damage so that most fabrics can be ironed without an intermediate cloth. The Textile protector simply clicks onto the soleplate immediately lowering its temperature to a safe yet effective level, for optimal results on all kinds of fabrics.

A smooth combination of design and quality.

Like all Braun products the TexStyle 5 steam iron was designed and built with a tradition of German quality, expressed both in our dedication to superior design and the passion to create perfectly manufactured products. A perfect fusion of design and function.
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Ergonomic open handle for more comfort

Experience greater comfort while ironing due to the ergonomically designed open handle: for more freedom of movement. The soft grip handle ensures a secure and steady grip while ironing.

Large 300 ml tank

For longer ironing autonomy.


Easy to use and convenient system to clean the soleplate from scale particles.

Precision tip

The triangular shaped steam zone of the precision tip easily removes stubborn wrinkles in hard to reach areas. The steam can be raised from a constant steam rate of 30 g/min in Turbo mode up to 160 g/min (steam shot) which is also ideal for removing creases in curtains and hanging garments when used in the vertical position.

Do you know each symbol on your laundry labels?

Different fabrics. Different needs.


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