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Braun CareStyle 1 steam generator iron

CareStyle 1 Steam generator iron

Fast and easy ironing.

Choose the Braun CareStyle 1 Steam generator iron that suits you best:

Braun CareStyle 1 steam generator iron Double Steam

DoubleSteam Technology. Makes ironing twice as fast*.

Produces more than twice as much steam as normal steam irons, which helps cut your ironing time in half. Steam rate is 100% higher so you only have to go over a spot once instead of twice.*
* Internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TexStyle 5.
Braun CareStyle 1 steam generator iron Free Glide 3D

World’s first FreeGlide 3D Soleplate.

Braun’s special Eloxal coating delivers excellent glideability to help accelerate the ironing process. Its smooth glide means that all your ironing requires less effort – and you can finish ironing more quickly.​​​​​​​
Braun CareStyle1 Precision Thermostat knob

Precision Thermostat knob.

Take advantage of four precisely adjustable settings plus the Max temperature setting – which gives you an extra steam boost for stubborn wrinkles. 
CareStyle1 easy CalcClean

Easy CalcClean System with reminder.

Ensures long-lasting performance by automatically warning of any mineral scaling build-up. When the CalcClean alert blinks, two minutes is all it takes to descale. 
CareStyle 1 SuperCeramic soleplate

SuperCeramic Soleplate

Great glideability for easy ironing. The new SuperCeramic coating delivers smoother gliding and uniform heat distribution. In addition, the new soleplate is 60%* more durable than the previous Braun Ceramic Soleplate, so you can count on a long product lifetime.
* Internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TexStyle 5
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Braun CareStyle Compact

Save time and space.

Braun CareStyle Compact

Braun’s new CareStyle 7 Pro

Discover the world’s first ergonomics certified iron*.

Braun’s new CareStyle 7 Pro – ergonomics certified iron.