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Braun MultiQuick 3 hand blender

Braun MultiQuick 3 Hand blender

Makes healthy cooking as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Choose the setup which fits you best:

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MultiQuick 3 Hand blender MQ 3000 Smoothie

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MultiQuick 3 Hand blender MQ 3000 Spaghetti


Extra blade for better results.

Thanks to world's first PowerBell Plus Technology our MultiQuick 3 hand blender features an extended cutting area for faster and more efficient blending. This innovative additional cutting area delivers more cutting per rotation, which enables faster and more efficient blending results and lets you process large pieces of food with less effort.


Splashes don’t stand a chance.

The 6 feet with arched openings and the unique floral bell shape of the blending shaft draws food inward for finer and smoother blending. And the unique position of the blades inside the bell, specially angled in opposite directions to the bell shape. This innovative combination of SplashControl Technology is standard in every Braun hand blender to give you perfect blending results with no splashing.


EasyClick - Quick and easy changing

Two buttons, one movement for quick and easy changing of all the great EasyClick accessories.


Dual speed control

Simple speed control ensures quick blending and easy use for your essential daily cooking needs.


When you have a crush on cold drinks.

Besides quickly and easily chopping your cooking ingredients, the big mixer is also perfect for blending smooth shakes and drinks, mixing a light batter – and even offers an effortless way to crush ice.


Chop, Chop.

Chopping herbs or onion was never as easy and tearless. Depending on the job to be done simply choose the small or big chopper.


Whip, beat, stir.

Everything goes quickly, easily and cleanly - from low speed to high.


Grind your spices and coffee beans and within seconds!

With our Coffee & spice grinder attachment you can grind coffee beans to fresh perfection or add a little more zest to your next meal with your own homemade spice mixtures using things like peppercorns, cinnamon sticks or dried chillies. The stainless steel bowl doesn’t pick up odours, so you can grind curry at night and your coffee in the morning – without having to worry about tasting one with the other.


Works simply great.

For Braun, design is so much more than making things look good. It is engineering tools in a way that they can be used simply with perfect results. Day after day, for years to come.

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MultiQuick 7

Replace your traditional Handmixer with this new MultiQuick attachment.

Braun MultiQuick 7


Simple, useful, built to last:
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