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Braun MultiServe Coffee machine
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Braun MultiServe Coffee machine

Certified for Excellence. Hotter. Faster. Better.

The next evolution in filter coffee. Enjoy excellent coffee taste from single-serve to 10 cups and everything in between.

Aproved by European Coffee Brewing Center

Find the MultiServe Coffee machine that suits you best.

Braun MultiServe Coffee machine lifestyle

The best-tasting coffee begins with a better quality machine.

Our SCA certified machines ensure the highest quality brewing performance. So whether you want a single serve or full carafe, do justice to your favorite beans with the Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker.

Braun MultiServe coffee maker | Certified for excellence.
Braun MultiServe Coffee machine with ExactBrew System

ExactBrew System

Coffee, exactly as you like it.

Our ExactBrew System automatically calculates the precise water flow, temperature and speed for every coffee preference.
Braun MultiServe Coffee machine with MultiServe Dial

MultiServe Dial

Dial it up, or down.

With a unique dial system, the Braun MultiServe Coffee Maker easily adapts to your ever-changing coffee needs.
Braun MultiServe Coffee machine with hot Water Dispenser

Hot Water Dispenser

For tea, too.

A separate yet built-in water outlet also lets you enjoy hot tea anytime, without worry of residual coffee flavor.*
*Available on select models
Braun MultiServe Coffee machine with BrewChoice Plus

BrewChoice Plus

How do you brew?

Customize your coffee to your liking with the Over Ice, Light, Gold or Strong setting with the touch of a button.

Braun Hot to Ice Icon
Braun Hot to Ice Icon

Pod-Free Design

Our capsule-less machine lets you brew a single-serve cup from any coffee you like, without worry of environmentally unfriendly coffee pods.
MultiServe PodFree designed

Did you know…

…how to make a natural fertilizer?

It's true, some plants like coffee just as much as we do. Did you know that you can use leftover coffee grounds to fertilize your orchid, rose or hydrangea? Just pour some powder on the soil and give it enough water. Tip: keep an eye on your plants to see how they react to the fertilizer.

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