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Braun Cafehouse Coffeemaker

Braun CaféHouse Coffee maker

Everything for perfect coffee.

Choose the one that fits your taste:


For hot, evenly brewed, aromatic coffee anytime.

The Braun CaféHouse coffee machine comes with the unique OptiBrew System, featuring an optimal relationship of temperature, brewing time and extraction – for perfect coffee flavour.

Brita water filtration system included. Because better water makes better flavour.

Coffee aroma depends to a considerable extent on the quality of the water with which coffee is brewed. Therefore the CaféHouse coffee machine includes the Brita® water filtration system: it allows coffee to release its full, seductive aroma by preventing calcification of the brewing unit and minimising aroma-impairing substances such as chlorine.

Drip-stop when removing the jug.

Thanks to the drip-stop feature you can pour a cup of coffee anytime during the brewing cycle, interrupting the flow into the carafe. The flow automatically continues when the jug is put back under the filter basket. 



Exclusive filter release button

Pressing the button releases the filter basket for easy insertion of the coffee filter and filling with ground coffee. The coffeemaker filter basket can also be removed and placed on the counter-top for easier filling.


Easy cleaning in the dishwasher

The parts of the CaféHouse Coffee machine can be easily detached for more convenient cleaning. They are all dishwasher safe.


The quality to match the classic German coffee.

Filter coffee is a timeless classic. How to prepare it better than with a Braun coffee maker. Engineered to last, German technology guarantees years of reliable performance, cup after delicious cup.
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Braun PurAroma 7

Intuitive design. Inviting aroma.


Braun Spin Juicers

Some fresh juice for breakfast?