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Breakfast Series 1

Just what you need. Start your day off right.

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Braun PurEaseWater Kettle

Braun PurEase Collection

Breakfast made beautifully. Morning made simple.

Start your day right:

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PureEase Food processor FP 3131 WH


Simple things. Simple designs.

Start your day right with deliciously fresh coffee, beautifully golden toast and perfectly brewed tea. Because it’s the simple things in life that make us happy – especially in the mornings. We want the simple things done right – like the timeless purity of Braun’s iconic design. Available in both black and white, the PurEase Breakfast collection consists of a coffee maker, toasters and water kettles. Discover the full PurEase range.


Coffee deliciously fresh.

Braun PurEase Coffee maker


Enjoy quick and convenient usability.

One smooth move is all it takes for opening, emptying and reinserting the removable filter basket. The design guarantees easy access to all control panels and features ergonomic handle for convenient filling and pouring.

Enjoy the same excellent aroma and taste - even long after brewing.

Thanks to the specially designed form and small lid opening, the temperature is retained inside of the AromaCarafe, ensuring the same exquisite aroma. Enjoy exceptional coffee taste longer without having to brew a new pot.

Toast beautifully golden.

Braun PurEase Toaster


No more burnt fingers!

The Braun PurEase toasters are equipped with a convenient breadlift with high-lift function so you can easily remove even smaller pieces of bread without reaching down into hot slots. Features a hold position for safe and simple removal. 

Easy to see. Easy to reach.

Conveniently located on the top of the toaster, the elegant illuminated buttons are easy to see and easy to reach! Just press the reheat, defrost, or cancel button for more targeted results. Additionally, you can select exactly how you want your toast by easily adjusting the browning control wheel.

Tea perfectly brewed.

Braun PurEase Water kettle



The sleek, ergonomic handle makes lifting and pouring simple and safe for right- and left-handers. The illuminated on/off switch is directly visible and easy to operate.


The sleek, ergonomic handle makes lifting and pouring simple and safe for right- and left-handers. The illuminated on/off switch is directly visible and easy to operate.

The recipe is simple.

Create a fusion of design and function. Blend with attention to detail. Look at it, touch it, use it. Enjoy repeatedly. Engineered according to German standards of quality for long-lasting performance and reliability.
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  • Designed in Germany

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