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Braun MultiQuick Purée / Masher attachment

Purée accessory

Effortlessly purée and mash cooked vegetables to a silky smooth result.

The potato masher attachment mashes and purées cooked vegetables and is versatile in use. This makes it the ideal kitchen aid for preparing perfect mashed potatoes - it can be so easy to prepare cooked vegetables with a creamy, soft consistency.

All MultiQuick Purée attachment models

MQ 50 Purée accessory black

MQ 50 Purée accessory Black

MQ 50 Purée accessory white

Braun MQ 50 Purée accessory White with wave cut

MQS 300 Purée accessory black

MQS 300 Black Purée accessory Black with straight cut

Not sure which model fits your hand blender?

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This purée masher can do a lot more for you.

Effortlessly purée and mash cooked vegetables to a silky smooth result. When you think of a pureé masher, you quickly think of fresh, airy mashed potatoes. However, this puree masher can do a lot more for you! Fresh tomato puree and guacamole are also easy to make.


Change attachments with a simple click.

Two buttons and one movement is all it takes to quickly and easily change between all EasyClick and EasyClick + accessories.

Braun Hand blender EasyClick and EasyClick + accessories

BPA free & dishwasher safe.

Only the best for your convenience and health – all bowls and accessory materials with food contact are BPA-free. Refer to the instruction manual for detailed information on which parts are dishwasher safe.

Braun Hand blender accessories are BPA free & dishwasher safe

Made with the Purée accessory.

Expand your creativity.

Which attachments fit my hand blender?

EasyClick + System.

Attachments with this icon fit all current MultiQuick 9 and MultiQuick 7 models.

Braun Hand blender with  EasyClick + system

EasyClick System.

Attachments with this icon fit all current MultiQuick 5 Vario, MultiQuick 5, MultiQuick 3 Vario and MultiQuick 3 models.

Braun Hand blender EasyClick accessories.

Latest MultiQuick System products.

MultiQuick 9

Braun's best performing and most powerful.

Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand blender

MultiQuick 1

Discover the new simplicity of lightness.

Braun MultiQuick 1 Hand blender