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  • Why should I empty the water tank before storage?

    To avoid particles remaining inside the water tank and prevent hygiene issues.

  • What's the best way to store a steam iron?

    Empty the water tank, place the iron in a vertical position in a dry, safe spot.

  • What advantages does the Textile Protector technology have in comparison to conventional steam irons?

    The key advantage is the ability to iron using full steam power but a lower temperature, avoiding damage to delicate garments.

  • For which garments / clothing should I use the Textile Protector on?

    All garments that have to be ironed below temperature level 2. Garments with the sign: "No hot ironing, 110°C max".

  • For which garments / clothing should I use the Soft Textile Protector on?

    Silk and black garments, to avoid shiny patches.

  • What are the textile and soft textile protectors used for?

    They are attachments for your steam iron. They allow you to iron even the most delicate garments even on high temperature settings with full steam performance. They are easy to attach and remove from your Braun steam iron while ironing different fabrics.

  • When do I need to decalcify the steam chamber of the iron?

    When you've cleaned the anti-calc valve and calc particles still come out of the soleplate.

  • How can I decalcify the steam chamber of the iron?

    In order to clean the steam chamber from residue, decalcify the steam iron following the user instructions.

    1. Fill up the water tank to the max with tap water
    2. Heat up the steam iron at the maximum temperature setting in vertical position
    3. Unplug the steam iron from the power outlet
    4. Hold the steam iron in a horizontal position over a sink. Turn the steam regulator clockwise above maximum to "anti-calc". The button will release all of the water within the tank and will rinse the water through the heating block of the iron. Calc and other residue will be released from the soleplate.
    5. Repeat the procedure up to 3 times if necessary
    6. In the meantime place the released steam regulator in citrus acid or clear vinegar. Wash the calc and residue from the steam regulator with tap water. Put it back in position.

    Caution: Hot water and steam will come out of the sole plate when the steam regulator is turned clockwise.
    After cleaning, refill the tank with water, heat up the iron and press the precision shot button 4 times to rinse the iron before using again.

    Do not use commercial decalcifiers, they may damage the iron.

  • How can I decalcify the anti-calc valve?

    Take the anti-calc valve out of the iron. Immerse the valve in vinegar or lemon juice to clean

  • How often do I need to decalcify the steam iron?

    It depends on the type of water and the intensity of use of the iron

  • How can I clean the soleplate of my steam iron?

    Braun steam irons with Eloxal or Saphir soleplates can easily be cleaned with steel wool.

  • Can I add additives/descalers/starch/scented ironing water into the water tank of the steam iron?

     Additives/descalers/starch/scented ironing water are absolutely NOT recommended, to avoid serious damage to the steam iron.

  • Can distilled water damage the iron?

    Yes, it can create reduced performance on steam usage

  • Sometimes water leaks out of the soleplate during ironing. What should I do?

    Braun steam irons have a special coating inside the heating block that makes the outstanding steam performance possible, avoiding water leaks out of the soleplate during ironing. If water comes out the soleplate, please check the temperature setting - it may be too low. In that case, either increase temperature or reduce the steam rate.

  • What kind of water should I use?

    Tap water is recommended.

  • What is the function of the precision shot button?

    It is a special kind of steam shot/steam boost which is available on Braun TexStyle 7 irons. It allows you to remove wrinkles that are very difficult to reach, as the steam comes out directly from the top area of the soleplate.

  • What does steam shot/steam boost mean?

    It means you can have a large shot of steam in a short period of time when removing stubborn wrinkles.

  • What does variable steam mean?

    This is the general steam rate which can be adjusted by the rotating knob.

  • When to use the water spray?

    It is recommended using a srpay of water directly onto the fabric to remove extra stubborn wrinkles

  • What is vertical steam?

    This describes using the steam iron in a vertical position. You can treat fabrics like hanging curtains with steam to remove wrinkles

  • There is no steam coming out of the steam zones, why?

    - Possibly the temperature setting is too low.
    - Steam regulator is set to 0
    - The heating block may be calcified. Please see instructions for cleaning and decalfication.

  • What is variable steam?

    It is the constant steam rate which can be adjusted by the steam regulator. The full performance of the steam is available at all temperature settings above level 2. The temperature selector indicates this with a steam icon.

  • What happens if scratches appear on the soleplate?

    It is very unlikely for scratches to appear on Braun soleplates, however small and thin scratches will not impact the ironing.

  • What are the advantages of saphir soleplate?

    The Saphir soleplate is Brauns highest scratch resistant soleplate with optimal glideability.

  • What are the advantages of eloxal soleplate?

    Eloxal soleplates are scratch resistant with perfect glideability.

  • Is the wattage important for the performance?

    The wattage influences the performance to a certain extent. Braun steam irons are optimised for moderate energy usage at a top performance level for perfect ironing results.

  • How quick will the iron be ready to use?

    It depends on the temperature settings and type of iron. Most Braun irons will be ready to use within a minute and half on the highest temperature setting, after connecting it to a power source.

  • How does the auto-off function work?

    The auto-off system enables maximum safety and energy saving. It shuts off after 8 minutes in vertical position or 30 seconds in horizontal position. Once the iron is moved out of the vertical / horizontal position it will start to heat up again.

  • What's the meaning of the light signal on the iron?

    A constant light means that the iron is heating up, when it switches off your temperature setting is achieved. A flashing light indicates the stand-by mode of the auto-off function.

  • Sometimes I hear a "clicking" sound from the iron, what does it mean?

    The soft clicking sound probably comes from the working thermostat on your temperature settings.

  • Which specifications are important when choosing a new steam iron?

    Wattage, variable steam, steam shot, soleplate (glideability / scratch resistance / durability), user friendliness (open handle / easy refill / long power cord), reliable brand.

  • What's the difference between a steam iron and steam generator?

    A steam generator has a larger water tank and higher steam rate in comparison to a steam iron. It is especially designed for people who iron alot. A steam iron is more compact and easy to store.

  • Why should I use a steam iron?

    Using steam when ironing eases up the fabric of your garment and makes it easier to remove wrinkles

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