Soft Textile Protector: Full steam on fine fabrics

Most irons produce no steam at the lowest temperature setting and only very little at the next one up. With the unique Soft Textile Protector, you can iron at full steam power without exposing your fabrics to high temperatures.

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Full steam on fine fabrics

The Soft Textile Protector is simply clicked onto the soleplate, immediately lowering its temperature to a safeyet effective level. You can iron even the most delicate fabrics with all the steam you need.

  • Soft velvet aluminium-coated soleplate
  • Protects even darkclothes from shinypatches while enablingmaximumsteam emission
  • Soft-touch cushion for highest protection on most delicate fabrics. Eliminates sticking of synthetic fabrics
  • Easy click-on system
  • Compatible with all TexStyle Series 7 steam irons

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