Purely what you need
The essentials of what cooking is all about.

They are back: a full range of time-tested kitchen helpers in classic Braun design. The essentials of what cooking is all about.

German TechnologyPurely what you need.

With the TributeCollection, Braun brings back remastered, technically improved versions of its most popular appliance creations. 
Every appliance in the TributeCollection is purpose-built for specific kitchen tasks – accompanied by an equally straightforward design. Clearly defined forms, with subtle shades of green, lend these products their timeless appeal, which blends harmoni- ously into any kitchen setting. 

Simplicity and concentration on the essentials: these are the basis of the famously unobtrusive Braun Design, with its emphasis on function and user friendliness – never compromising product quality and durability. 
Braun’s new TributeCollection celebrates this tradition, bringing back – by popular demand – some of the most beloved and successful kitchen appliances ever.