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Baby nutrition

6. fase - fra 24 måneder og oppover

24 months upwards: granola-bar
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Pre-school and beyond

By the time they reach their second birthday, children should be eating smaller amounts of similar foods to the rest of the family and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

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Balanced nutrition

By this stage their diet should contain more of the polyunsaturated fats found in fish and vegetable oils and avoiding excess use of foods with a high saturated fat content such as butter, cheese, fatty meats and bought cakes and pastries.

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1. stadie

Kosthold med bare melk - fra fødsel til rundt 6 måneder

From birth until around 6 months old, your baby will get all the nutrition it needs from breast or formular milk.


Baby Nutrition | Stages of feeding

Nutrition Guide

​​​​​​​Download our Baby Nutrition Guide for even more information about the different stages of feeding and recipes.

Braun Household Baby Nutrition guide
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