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Braun MQ 60 Coffee and spice grinder accessory

MQ 60 Coffee and spice grinder accessory

Grinding coffee & spices within seconds.

The MQ 60 Coffee and spice grinder accessory lets you quickly grind all kind of spices, beans or seeds to powder in an easily cleanable metal attachment.

Enhance your dishes with freshly ground ingredients.

Grinding & creating mixtures Grind coffee beans to fresh perfection or add a little more zest to your next meal with your own homemade spice mixtures using things like peppercorns, cinnamon sticks or dried chillies. The stainless steel bowl doesn’t pick up odours, so you can grind curry at night and your coffee in the morning – without having to worry about tasting one with the other.


MultiQuick 9 with MQ 60 Spice grinder accessory

Coffee and spice grinder

Made of stainless steel for grinding coffee, any kind of spices or dry ingredients within seconds.

Helppo napsautusjärjestelmä

EasyClick-järjestelmämme avulla varusteiden vaihtaminen on yhtä helppoa kuin napin painallus. Braunin tehosekoittimet tekevät ruoanvalmistuksesta paitsi nopeaa ja helppoa, monipuolisuutensa ansiosta ne myös tarjoavat sinulle mahdollisuuden laajentaa luovuuttasi kokkina. EasyClick-varusteiden vaihtaminen onnistuu yhdellä liikkeellä ja kahdella napin painalluksella.

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