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Baby nutrition

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Baby Nutrition: 13-23 months


Although toddlers can eat many of the same foods as adults, they can’t eat large amounts of food in one sitting despite needing to take in lots of calories.

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Healthier, easy homemade snacks

They need snacks between mealtimes, but remember that healthier, homemade snacks are best, particularly things that are easy to make with your Braun MultiQuick hand blender, such as vegetable dips to go with crudités or pieces of toast. By this stage, mealtimes should be a communal event where you all eat together.

It is a great idea to try and create meals for your toddler that mimic what the other members of the family are eating. Remember though that your baby will still enjoy food being relatively soft and easy to eat.
Sandwiches decorated with fun shaped vegetables, ham and cheese

Broadening the range of foods

Unfortunately, it’s at the toddler stage that many parents start to experience the dreaded fussy eater. This may be less likely to happen however if the child has had exposure to a good range of individual foods at the early weaning stage. Praising your child when they do eat rather than becoming frustrated or even angry when they don’t is the best way to encourage a fussy child to broaden the range of foods it will eat.

You can also experiment with how you present food. Try giving new foods with favourite foods or cutting food into exciting shapes. Remember babies will be watching what you eat, so try to set a good example. Gradually a child will develop a wider range of tastes making a balanced healthy diet much easier to achieve.

Get inspired by our simple and healthy recipes.

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Baby Nutrition | Stages of feeding

Nutrition Guide

​​​​​​​Download our Baby Nutrition Guide for even more information about the different stages of feeding and recipes.

Braun Household Baby Nutrition guide