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Braun MultiQuick System

The world’s largest attachment system* for unlimited versatility.

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Introducing TriForce Power Blender. 60% faster and 4x finer*

*Compared to JB7201

Braun TriForce Power blender

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TriForce Smoothie2Go blending set - BRSK002

TriForce PowerBlender JB9040BK Main

Braun TriForce Power Blender


TriForce Power Blender JB9041BK Main

TriForce Power Blender with Smoothie2Go



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Introducing the new PowerBlend 9.

Introducing the new Braun TriForce Power Blender - a powerhouse kitchen performer with superior speed and selection for an effortless personalized blending experience beyond compare.

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Introducing the new PowerBlend 9.
Level up your cooking

The TriAction technology jug with its triangular shape redirects ingredients to the blending area where the powerful 1600 watts motor precisely blends even the hardest food to your desired texture.

PrecisionEdge blade

The stainless steel blade effortlessly emulsifies even the toughest ingredients like hearty root vegetables or dense chunks of ice. Ensuring that everything from silky smoothies to savory spreads are equally enjoyable.

The choice is yours

There are 6 automatic blending programs to start with, such as smoothie, soup, chop, ice crush, frozen dessert and spread.

iTexture Control

With the automatic texture control, you can choose between coarse, medium or smooth for each program, which leaves you with 18 different food programs to find your perfect mix.

More flexibility with different speed options

There are 10 manual speeds with multi-speed pulse-setting so you can mix intuitively with up to 45.000 rpm for the exact results you want.

Metal gear coupling

Satisfying solid, the stainless steel coupling delivers high durability and better gear engagement. You’ll feel the quality every time you dock it onto the drop on connection of the motor unit.

Enjoy perfect blending results and more flexibility.

Customize your blends with iTextureControl by selecting your preferred consistency: from very smooth to coarse.

Braun PowerBlend 9
Braun PowerBlend 9
Braun PowerBlend 9 with iTexture Control

18 food programs let you automate your texture adjustment like never before.

18 possible blends as precise as your palate. Simply select any one of the 6 automated food programs to start, then choose between three texture settings – smooth, medium or coarse.
Braun TriForce PowerBlender

TriAction Technology

The first-ever power blender to feature a triangular jug design with state-of-the-art TriAction technology; its superior performance and sophisticated spin functionality guarantees faster and finer results*
*Compared to the Braun JB7201

Featuring a sophisticated range of new technologies.

The new Braun TriForce Power Blender is a powerhouse of innovative features and intuitive precision.

1600W Powerful Blending

The blender’s innovative technology is supported by 1600 watts of premium power that precisely blends even the toughest ingredients to your desired texture, ensuring every recipe is prepared to your liking.

Powerful 1600 Watt motor

Hot Soup Function

Turn cold ingredients into warm recipes with our passive heating functionality. Our innovative program offers a smooth soup setting that simultaneously heats as it spins, resulting in a great soup or puree texture and temperature, every time.

Braun PowerBlend 9 with hot soup function

Clean Function

The auto clean function quickly rinses the jug in seconds with just soap and water.

Clean program

5 Year Warranty

5 Year Extended Support and Coverage

Braun TriForce powerblend with 5 years of waranty

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Braun PowerBlend 9 with PrecisionEdge blade

Precision Edge Blades

Premium and durable, our stainless steel PrecisionEdge Blades, forged in Solingen, Germany, effortlessly emulsify any ingredient; from hearty root vegetables to dense chunks of ice, pineapples to pine nuts, there’s no blend these blades can’t handle.

Braun MultiQuick Hand Blenders and Attachments.

Ultimate Power. Ultimate Versatilty.

Braun MultiQuick Hand Blenders and Attachments.

Braun MultiServe Coffee Machines.

SCA certified. Drip Coffee, Evolved.

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