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The green Clean light on my Braun drip coffee maker is solid green, how do I descale my unit?

The Green solid light above the "clean" button means the unit requires descaling. The removal of built-up calcium deposits from the water reservoir will help extend the life of your coffee maker and keep your coffee tasting great. Frequency will depend upon the hardness of your tap water and how often you use the coffee maker.

Please follow these instructions for cleaning your unit.

  • Remove the charcoal water filter holder including the charcoal water filter and the gold tone permanent filter
  • Add 100 ml (3.2 oz) of descaling solution to a full carafe of water. 
  • Pour the water and cleaner into the water reservoir of the machine and place the empty carafe in its position.
  • Press the CLEAN button. The green LED light above the button will start flashing.
  • Press BREW  to start the descaling program, while the green LED light is still flashing.
  • Once the descaling process has started, it is not possible to stop the program until finished.
  • When the descaling program has been completed, the green LED light will turn off.
  • Discard the cleaning solution and rinse the carafe thoroughly with clean water.
  • Fill the water reservoir with a full carafe of clean, fresh water. Run the coffee maker through two complete brew cycles to flush the unit after descaling. Use a full carafe of fresh cold water each time.