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TributeCollection Citrus juicer CJ 3000 White

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£29.99£34.99 *VAT included

Product description

With the TributeCollection, Braun brings back remastered, technically improved versions of its most popular appliance creations.


Automatic start/stop

No additional buttons – easy handling by simply pressing down the fruit to start and lifting it off to stop.

Fruit pulp control

Simply choose how pulpy you want your juice – easily adjust the amount of fruit pulp by turning the jug within the pulp scale.

Practical scale

Very handy for precise dosage for any recipe – like fruit cocktails etc.

Left-and-right rotation

Alternating rotation of the juicer cone decreases the strain of squeezing and increases the amount of juice extracted.


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  • Specifications

    • Wattage: 20
    • Easy clean design: Yes
    • Capacity: 350 ml
    • Lid: No
    • Bowl with scale: Yes
    • Colour: White
    • Cord storage: Yes
    • Direct serve: No
    • BPA free food contact parts: Yes
    • Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
  • Features

    • Direct serve into glass: No
    • Adjustable pulp control: Yes
    • Anti-drip spout: No
    • Start/Stop automatic: Yes
    • Left & right rotation for better squeeze out: Yes






Wonderful Citrus Juicer

I bought this Juicer via Amazon- It is small/compact- easy to assemble and clean. Four large navarre oranges =produced 500mls plus of lovely juice. I know it will be used a lot for juice and the by products in other foods made at home- I strongly recommend this product.



Wonderful new juicer

I bought the Citrus Juicer in Amazon. I used it for 1st time today 22/8/2020. I got 500 mls plus from 4 large oranges from M@S- Navarre type. Very easy to use and the juice was so tasty. I recommended this product. It cost £24.99p incl VAT and postage. I know it will be used a lot for juice/jam/marmalade/ cakes ect. Plus the skins of the fruit will go in to the same and in salt/sugars mixes. Easy to assemble and wash and no sharp bits to cut you up.

TributeCollection Citrus juicer CJ 3000 White