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  2. IdentityCollection Spin juicer J700 Grey

IdentityCollection Spin juicer J700 Grey


Product description

Enjoy your early-morning vitamin boost quickly and easily with the high-performance juicing system from Braun. It only takes seconds, with no cutting necessary thanks to the convenient large feeder chute, which allows you to toss in whole fruits and large chunks. The combination of foam separator and stainless steel micro-mesh sieve removes any foam and pulp, ensuring a very easy separation of foam and juice during the pouring.

What’s in the box

J 700 GR Spin juicer

J 700 GR Spin juicer

Foam separator jug

Foam separator jug

Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush


High-performance juicing system

Enjoy your early-morning vitamin boost quickly and without extra work. The high-performance juicing system gets the most out of your fruit. It only takes 15 seconds to make a refreshing, healthy glass of juice. The process is not only quick but also convenient and efficient: the powerful motor and automatic feeder system allow you to effortlessly create perfect juice.

Anti-drip system

The drip-stopper function ensures that your kitchen remains clean – with one push of the anti-drip button – simply press to avoid messiness and spills.

Make juice with whole fruits

The large chute is perfect for processing whole fruits: no need to spend time pre-cutting anything, simply throw in large chunks or whole fruits and let the juicer transform your ingredients into a delicious beverage. The ultimate convenience.

Direct serve option

Juice into the foam separator jug or directly into your glass.


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  • Specifications

    • Wattage (W): 1000
    • Pulp container: 2.0 l
    • BPA free food contact parts: Yes
    • Colour: StainlessSteelGrey
    • Easy clean design: Yes
    • Cord storage: Yes
    • Stainless steel micro mesh sieve: Yes
    • Anti-slip feet: Yes
    • Dishwasher safe parts*(*refer to instructions): Yes
  • Features

    • Fast-juicing-system: Yes
    • Large chute: 75 mm
    • Direct serve into glass: Yes
    • Innovative anti-drip system: Yes
    • Speed settings: 2 speeds
    • Four-way protection: Yes
  • Attachments

    • Foam separator jug: 1.25 l
    • Cleaning accessory: Cleaning brush


  • What speeds should I use for which fruits?

    Many juicers are one speed machines for simpler use and because several speeds are not really needed for the task of juicing.

    However, if your juicer does have multiple speeds, it isgenerallyaruleto use the lower speeds for softer fruits andthe higher speeds for harder ones.

    The Braun models J700, J500 and J300 juicers have two speeds, and the SJ3000 has one speed.






Best juicer ever

This j700 juicer is absolutely amazing nothing like it fast and easy no water pulp easy to clean and has a back compartment for the pulp and makes juice how it is described so I definitely recommend this product and I hope it lasts a long time

IdentityCollection Spin juicer J700 Grey