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Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron

Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron

Excellent ergonomic design.

Choose the Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron that suits you best:


Save time for the important things in life.

DoubleSteam Technology. Produces more than twice as much steam as normal steam iron*, which helps cut your ironing time in half. Steam rate is 100% higher so you only have to go over a spot once instead of twice.
* Internal laboratory test compared to Braun TexStyle 5

Unique FreeGlide 3D Technology

The world’s first FreeGlide 3D Technology is standard on all Braun steam generator irons. Inspired by snowboard design, the soleplate's rounded and bevelled edges help the steam generator iron glide effortlessly over buttons and zippers without getting stuck - even backwards. This makes ironing easier and faster, because half of your movements when ironing clothes is backwards.

Rounded profile inspired by snowboard design – for freedom of movement in any direction.


Outstanding durability and glidability.

Braun‘s best gliding soleplate. ​​​​​​​The unique EloxalPlus coating provides extraordinary glideability to accelerate the ironing process. By effectively smoothing your garments, you finish ironing quicker than ever before. 2x harder than stainless steel*.
*External laboratory test, compared to AISI 304.

Ergonomic design to ensure the most pleasant ironing experience.

The iron handle and the water tank handle are equipped with a comfortable and textured finishing for better ergonomics. This upgrade ensures optimal control and the most pleasant ironing experience.

Ultimate FastClean System for a 4 x faster descaling* procedure.

*Compared to Braun IS5056

Less interruptions and more autonomy.

The extra large removable 2-litre tank ensures fewer interruptions for refilling, which makes ironing faster. It features a comfort grip finishing for more comfort and optimal control. The large filling hole makes refilling the tank at the faucet quick and easy.

Various settings for your needs. Easy and intuitive.


Braun CareStyle 5 Pro steam generator iron – Awarded as the best


How to iron a shirt properly with Braun CareStyle 5 Pro steam generator iron


Top results.

The CareStyle 5 steam generator iron was built to the highest standards of German quality. To give you top results every day, for years to come, and to make ironing faster and more effortless. The classic Braun design expresses these qualities with a smooth blend of superior performance and pure lines and shapes.
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  • Designed in Germany

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