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Braun MultiMix 3 hand mixer

Braun MultiMix 3 Hand mixer

Smarter design. Simpler baking. For up to 40% less effort while mixing.*

* Mixing cake batter, internal test Braun vs. leading competitors

The variety of simple baking:

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MultiMix 3 Hand mixer HM 3105 WH


Puts the weight in the bowl, not in your hand.

SmartMix technology makes the MultiMix 3 easier and more comfortable to use due to better weight distribution. By placing the motor directly over the attachments, the weight of the electric whisk is directed into the bowl away from your hand. Enjoy 40% less effort while mixing* – especially important when kneading dough with thick consistency.

*Mixing cake batter, internal test Braun vs. leading competitors.
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Multiple special attachments for any baking desire.

All attachments are conveniently and quickly fastened to the front, allowing the same comfortable hand position regardless of your mixing needs. No matter which accessory, you still have the full range of variable speeds at your disposal – a big advantage over ordinary mixers. This electric hand mixer always stands stable for breaks in between.


ComfortClick the whisks on.

Stainless steel whisks to whip cream, beat egg whites, mix cakes, muffins or homemade desserts.

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ComfortClick the kneading hooks on.

Stainless steel dough hooks to prepare yeast dough or bread dough.

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ComfortClick the chopper on.

500 ml chopper accessory to easily chop hard ingredients like nuts or chocolate. Crush cookies for a cake base, carrots for carrot cake and much more.

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ComfortClick the blender on.

Expand your baking repertoire by preparing ice creams, creating fruit toppings, fillings for cakes, parfaits or even marmalades etc.

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The perfect match of design and function.

For Braun, design is so much more than making things look good. It is engineering tools in a way that they can be used more easily, intuitively and with better results. Day after day, for years to come.

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