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How can I decalcify the iron?

In order to clean the steam chamber decalcify the steam iron following the user instructions.

1. Fill the water tank to the maximum with tap water

2. Set the steam iron to maximum temperature setting and stand upright. Wait until it has reached maximum temperature.

3. Unplug the steam iron from the power outlet.

Caution: Hot water and steam will come out from the sole plate when the steam regulator is turned clockwise beyond setting.

4. Hold the steam iron in horizontal position over a sink. Turn the steam regulator clockwise above maximum to ""anti calc"". The button will release the complete capacity of water from the tank and will rinse the water through the heating block of the iron. Scale and other residues will be released out of the soleplate.

5. Please repeat the procedure up to 3 times if necessary

6. Place the released steam regulator in citrus acid or clear vinegar. Remove any scale deposits and residues from the steam regulator with tap water. Put it back in its position.

After cleaning refill the tank with water, heat up the iron and press the precision shot button 4 times to rinse the iron before ironing.

Do not use commercial descalers - they may damage the iron.