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Braun Spiralizer Accessory

Spiralizer Accessory

Prepare your own vegetable noodles.

For tasty veggie noodles, fresh soups and smoothies. The MQ 5 Vario Fit with spiralizer attachment is an ideal all-in-one tool for preparing delicious healthy meals. Blend homemade soups and sauces or make a breakfast smoothie in seconds. The Spiralizer accessory is perfect for the quick preparation of low-carb vegetable noodles.

The ideal hand blender for the preparation of healthy dishes.

Enjoy maximum flexibility for your healthy recipes. Three different blade inserts let you quickly create different types of noodles: from thin linguine and tagliatelle to broad pappardelle. Go beyond just zucchini and use your Spiralizer to easily make ribbons also from harder vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots and beets. Create delicious veggie meals in no time.


Braun MultiQuick 5 Vario Fit with  Spiralizer | Stay fit. Eat healthy.

Interested in adding even more versatility to your hand blender?

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