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Back to School

Food prep for

Food prep for school
Food prep for school - Prepare yourself in advance.

Prepare yourself in advance.

5 days of classes, busy leisure activities and an afternoon program with finishing homework – It´s all about finding the right routine and getting all set for a healthy school week ahead. Make yourself a plan for the week including all school and after-school activities.

Time your meal preps perfectly – some things can already be done on the weekend, some meals should be prepared freshly in the morning. Once you have that written out, you can plan your grocery shopping accordingly.

Do not stress out and feel overwhelmed to do it all at once, take it day per day. Your plan will give you some sort of guidance even if you do not stick to it to 100%. Let go of crazy expectations to manage it all perfectly and find your own, flexible routine when prepping your meals.

Daily food goals

Running out of creative ideas how to prep your kid for school lunch time? Sweet or savoury – find out about healthy but delicious snacks. With our kitchen equipment and recipes, meals can be prepared fast and easily.

School meal preps

Meal prepping

Time your school meal preps perfectly.

​​​​​​​Some meals or snacks can already be prepared in advance, especially on the weekend without any pressure of time. Take your time and get creative. Also, it can be entertaining and fun for kids to involve them in the baking and preparation process.
Whether energy balls, cereal bars or muesli muffins – these can all be ideally prepared in advance. The benefit? An extra batch of any of those will keep your stock for the upcoming week properly filled.

Discover make-ahead snacks and meals here
Healthy school snack recipes

Lunch boxes

Discover healthy school lunch recipes.

Make Monday your chosen pizza day, Tuesday your wrap day… Whether chicken wraps, pizza waffles or mini quiches – we´ve got you covered with a diverse back-to-school lunch plan and a set of delicious ideas for each day of the week. From Monday to Friday. 
Everything the heart could wish for: Find the perfect lunch recipe for your kids. Discover meals that are suitable for both, breakfast and lunch, and will bring a smile to your kids´ face. Easy to prepare. Fastly packed. And most importantly: Fun to enjoy.

Click here to discover all lunch hacks
Healthy school snack recipes


Discover healthy school snack recipes.

Midday, jumping from one class to another while the tiredness of the day is slowly setting in. Give your kid´s mind some rest and a short break – but its brain some power for the rest of the day. Boost the brain function with some delicious brain food. It will support your kid to push its mental performance, fitness and concentration. Discover our fun, vitamin-packed „go-to-snacks“.

Click here to discover all snack hacks
Healthy breakfast recipes


Discover healthy breakfast recipes.

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are delicious, full of vitamins and additionally pretty and fun to look at. Plus, the perfect idea for a quick and nutrition-packed breakfast at home or on-the-go to school or work. Easily doable with almost any kind of fruit or veggie – also frozen ones for an extra creamy texture – and perfectly blended with our MQ 5 Vario hand blender. Explore the multiple options to mix and decorate them.​​​​​​​

Click here to discover all smoothie hacks
Planning structure


Create your individual planning structure.

In a busy household, when is the best moment to actually take time to prep meals for the family? This is crucial and should be timed cleverly.  
Having it written out also means you can not forget about it so easily. Write down notes to organise the days or prep the next grocery shopping tour by using our  planning templates to kick-off your weeks ahead. Use it for multiple weeks in a row or change it every week to mix it up a bit.

Homemade treats

Discover homemade treats.

After a busy day at school and a packed list with to-do’s in the afternoon, such as doing homework, a quick motivation boost for your kids is sometimes needed. So, why not treating them and yourself with delicious homemade ice-cream or ice-popsicles as a little reward for the great work you all have done on that day.

Discover all delicious ice-cream recipes

Create a working system

During busy morning runs, every minute counts and time is so precious.Use a logical structure. Organise everything you need for the day. Set up a healthy prep station in your fridge, freezer or pantry – so every step runs smoothly in the morning.

Storage containers

Tip 1:

Use storage containers.

Round or angled, for raw or already pre-cooked food – use storage jars or boxes out of glass, so that content and quantity are easily visible. Plus, they are super easy to clean and can be reused for any other purpose afterwards. Many dishes can also be well prepared in advance and frozen with a fitting box.
Handy lunchbox

Tip 2:

Use a handy lunchbox.

Lunchboxes with different compartments or sections come in handy for anyone. You can create an appropriate filling station with prepared delicacies in the morning and top them up. Just take a synthetic or stainless steel lunchbox and pack the different snacks and meals for your kid´s lunch. All perfectly stored and separated in one box.
Practicall hand – zip bags

Tip 3:

Zip and Go.

Practically and always at hand – zip bags. Use reusable and sustainable ones that are freezer-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe to make pre-portioned snacks ready to put in your fridge. For example fruits and vegetables like carrot sticks, grapes, berries, strips of peppers, cherry tomatoes, cheese sticks – they are all ideal to grab on-the-go for school.
Label everything

Tip 4:

Label everything.

No matter if  you use boxes, storage jars or zipper bags – a labelling system will help you and your kids to find your way around in the kitchen quickly.  
For labelling, use washi tapes, stickers or write directly on the container with an removable oil-based marker. To create a consistent and clean look, choose the colour – we recommend black or white – that fits best to your kitchen or pantry. Not only practical, but also fun to do for every DIY-lover. 
delicious lunch recipes

Discover delicious lunch recipes for Moms and Dads.

On a long day in the office, running from one meeting to another, while quickly grabbing something to eat in the canteen or a nearby grocery store on-the-go…Why not mixing up your usual lunch routine a bit? 
To keep also Moms and Dads going for their day at work, we have a set of delicious ideas for lunchboxes that can be easily prepared at home and taken to the office.

Discover all lunch hacks for Moms and Dads

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