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Braun MultiQuick System

The world’s largest attachment system* for unlimited versatility.

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Brauns MultiGrill 9 Pro

MultiGrill 9 Pro

Braun’s best performing. For professional grilling results.

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Citrus juicer

Turn fruits into fresh juice in seconds.

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Braun Steam generator irons

Steam generator irons

Save 50% time* for what really matters.

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Sustainability: Good design is long-lasting.

Sustainability at Braun

Good design is long-lasting.

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Hand blender attachments & accessories

Experience the versatility.

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Sanitization function of all Braun steam irons adn steam generating irons

Sanitization funcion

Kills more than 99.99% of viruses and bacteria¹

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Recipes with Braun Household

Recipe collection

Fun and simple recipes from Braun.

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Braun FreeStyle 3 steam iron
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FreeStyle 3 steam iron

Fast results.
Excellent handling.


Choose the FreeStyle 3 that suits you best:

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Braun FreeStyle 3 steam iron with  FreeGlide 3D Technology

World’s first FreeGlide 3D Technology. Saving you time and trouble.

Inspired by snowboard design, our upward curving FreeGlide 3D Technology guarantees 360° glideability. Glide backwards over any obstacles, such as buttons, pockets and zippers. Since there is no need to constantly adjust the fabric to avoid new wrinkles, time and effort are saved. Ironing has never been easier, faster or more efficient.
Braun FreeStyle 3 steam iron with Open handle

Open handle for more comfort.

The new FreeStyle 3 is equipped with Braun’s iconic FreeStyle open handle. This ergonomically designed handle delivers maximum freedom of movement for a pleasant ironing experience.
Braun FreeStyle 3 steam iron with SuperCeramic soleplate

SuperCeramic soleplate for fast results with less hassle.

Great glideability for easy ironing. The new SuperCeramic coating delivers smoother gliding and uniform heat distribution. In addition, the new soleplate is 60%* more durable than the previous Braun Ceramic soleplate, so you can count on a long product lifetime.
*Internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TexStyle 5

Let nothing slow you down.

Braun FreeStyle 3 steam iron with Auto-off function


The FreeStyle 3 automatically switches off after 8 minutes in the vertical position or 30 seconds in the horizontal position for safety and energy savings.
Braun FreeStyle 3 steam iron with Precision tip

Precision Tip.

The triangular shaped Precision Tip at the front of the iron allows easy removal of the toughest wrinkles from hard to reach areas like collars and seams.
Braun FreeStyle 3 steam iron - Rapid heat up

Rapid heat up.

The steam iron is ready to iron the toughest fabrics at maximum temperature setting in just 35 seconds.

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TexStyle 7 Pro

Give your garments the best treatment.

Braun TexStyle 7 Pro

The new TexStyle 9

Braun’s most powerful Steam iron.

Braun TexStyle 9 steam iron