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  1. CareStyle 7
  2. CareStyle 7 Steam generator iron IS 7144 Black/purple
Steam generator irons

CareStyle 7 Steam generator iron IS 7144 Black/purple


제품 설명

The new CareStyle 7, Braun's best performing and award winning steam generator iron series, now features an innovative ergonomic design including a soft grip handle and an Ultimate FastClean System that ensures a faster and easier descaling procedure.


FreeGlide 3D Technology

Its unique upward curving soleplate guarantees 360° glideability. Glide backwards over any obstacle like buttons and pockets.

FreeGlide 3D Technology

DoubleSteam Technology

Produce more than twice as much as normal steam irons*, which helps cut your ironing time in half. Steam rate is 100 % higher so you only have to go over a spot once instead of twice. (*Internal labortory test, compared to Braun TexStyle 5.)

DoubleSteam Technology

Smart iCare and Eco mode

The smart iCare mode protects your clothes with a safe temperature for all kinds of fabrics - for smart textile protection and no time wasted on heating up or cooling down. This saves time and hassle and you will be pleased with the outcome. Or choose Eco temperature mode for delicate fabrics.

Smart iCare and Eco mode


디지털 누수방지

다림질을 하는 동안 물 얼룩이나 누수가 발생하지 않습니다. CareStyle 시리즈의 디지털 기술이 기존 온도 조절 장치보다 훨씬 더 효과적으로 온도를 제어해 열판에서 물이 흘러 나오거나 옷에 물이 묻어 얼룩지는 일이 없어 더욱 빠르게 다림질을 할 수 있습니다.

Safety iron auto-off

The iron auto-off function switches the appliance off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use.

Safe on garment

Safe and gentle on all fabrics, regardless of the setting, to protect your clothes from any burning or damage while ironing - no matter which order you iron them in.

에코 모드

강력한 스팀이 필요하지 않을 때 에코 모드를 사용하여 에너지를 절약할 수 있습니다.

Easy lock system

Easy lock feature to carry and store the iron easily. Simply park the iron and push the slider to lock.

DoubleSteam technology

Produce more than twice as much steam as normal steam irons*, which helps cut your ironing time in half. Steam rate is 100% higher so you only have to go over a spot once.* Internal laboratory test, compared to Braun TexStyle 5.

50% less time consuming

According to internal laboratory tests, compared to Braun TexStyle 5.

Braun's lightest iron

Lightweight iron at the front great ergonomics. Experience the ultimate comfort while ironing thanks to the premium finish of the handle.

Rapid heat up

No need to wait long before starting to iron.

High steam pressure and extra steam shot for optimum performance

Higher pressure helps the fine steam completely permeate the fabric, so that ironing is ultra-easy.

Excellent steam rate

Heavy steam output makes the steam generator iron a more powerful and easy way to keep all of your garments wrinkle-free.

7 bar

7 bar boiler pressure

Silent technology

Designed to make the ironing experience even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Easy cord storage

No more annoying cord dangling when moving and storing your steam generator iron. Simply affix your steam hose and power cord on the widgets located on the side of the appliance


Braun’s best gliding soleplate 2x harder than stainless steel.* * External laboratory test, compared to AISI 304.

스마트한 자동 세팅 기능 iCare

iCare는 별도로 온도 설정할 필요가 없이 자동으로 온도를 맞춰주므로, 태울 염려없이 완벽하고 똑똑하게 다림질해줍니다.

World’s first FreeGlide3D soleplate

No more getting caught on buttons and pockets.

Extra large removable tank

Easy to refill, transport and store. Fewer interruptions for refilling, which makes ironing faster.


보기 설명서
    • 출력 (W): 2400
    • 스팀 샷: 450 g/min
    • 스팀 양: 125 g/min
    • 코드 보관:
    • 색상: Black / Violet
    • 수돗물에 적합:
    • 압력: 7 bar (boiler pressure)
    • 물탱크 용량: 2 L
    • 열판 코팅: EloxalPlus
    • 코드 길이: 1,8 m
    • 전원차단 모드: Auto off
    • 브라운의 초경량 다리미:
    • 분리형 물탱크:
    • 어떠한 장애물에서도 완벽한 활주력을 자랑하는 FreeGlide 3D 기술:
    • iCare 기술을 이용한 스마트한 옷감 보호대:
    • 에코 온도 모드의 에너지 절약*(*최대 설정 대비): 30 %
    • 설정: Digital: Eco, iCare temperature modes
    • 수직 스팀:
    • 터보 온도 모드의 항균 기능*(*독립적 실험실 테스트): 아니
    • 정밀 팁:
    • 물때 제거 기능: FastClean system
    • 저소음 기술*(*내부 실험실 테스트, CareStyle 3 비교):
    • 간편 잠금 시스템:
    • 이중 스팀 기술*(*내부 실험실 테스트, 브라운 TexStyle 5 비교):
    • 빠른 가열: 2 minutes
    • 디지털 누수 방지:
    • 계속 채우기:
CareStyle 7 Steam generator iron IS 7144 Black/purple