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Braun MultiQuick 5 Baby hand blender

Braun MultiQuick 5 Baby

Homemade is always the healthier choice.

The fastest way to a happy baby:

Braun's most ergonomic hand blender.

Parents have enough heavy stuff in their life, Braun helps keeping it light in the kitchen. Thanks to its slim and soft grip handle the MultiQuick 5 Baby makes blending big portions of baby food directly in the pot even easier – just freeze the rest to save time you need for your baby. 


Quick. Easy. Clean.

Perfectly designed so that you can use the blender directly in the pot for large quantities of baby food without splashing. Enjoy perfect results with no mess – and freeze the rest for later. Braun's unique PowerBell Plus blending shaft has been designed with SplashControl Technology that prevents splashing and delivers best blending results – to keep you and your kitchen spotless. 


Change attachments with an easy click.

Two buttons, one movement for quick and easy changing of all the great EasyClick accessories. The patented EasyClick system lets you enjoy more versatility while cooking – Easy. Braun's clever range of accessories lets you expand your cooking possibilities for the whole family. Even add separate accessories like the jug blender or the food processor to enjoy a greater variety of dishes – from quick smoothies and homemade pizza dough to super-fast shredded and sliced vegetables of all kinds.


More than just a hand blender

Discover the ultimate all-in-one cooking: further attachments not only make food preparation quick and easy, they offer maximum versatility to expand your range and creativity as a cook.

The set includes these convenient accessories:



Raggiungi facilmente ogni frammento del nutriente cibo fatto in casa dal bicchiere. Puoi anche utilizzarlo per versare il contenuto nei singoli scomparti del contenitore per congelatore.


Bicchiere e coperchio

Il bicchiere di plastica da 600 ml è dotato di un comodo coperchio in modo da poter riporre in modo igienico eventuali avanzi appena miscelati in frigorifero. Grazie al coperchio speciale, puoi portare il bicchiere in viaggio con te.



Ideale per aggiungere consistenza al purè per aiutare i bambini a sviluppare i denti e i muscoli adibiti alla masticazione. Il tritatutto è perfetto per fare piccole porzioni per il tuo bambino o per spuntini tra i pasti.


Contenitore per congelatore

Rende più facile e veloce il congelamento di varie porzioni di cibo per bambini. Il contenitore per congelatore di Mushy Mushy è lavabile in lavastoviglie, naturalmente resistente ai batteri e composto da 9 pentole in totale.


Ecotrophologist & dietitian

Marlein Auge

Along with presentations and cooking classes, in which she provides inspiration for a balanced diet, she has been writing nutrition guides and cookbooks under the pseudonym Anne Iburg since 1999. She has published more than 30 books, and has established herself as a notable author in the field of child nutrition, with several Amazon bestsellers on the topic of infant nutrition and recipes for young children. 

Learn more about baby nutrition and recipes


Save time and enjoy smooth results.

Thanks to World's first PowerBell Plus Technology the extra milling blade lets you blend super smooth baby purée. This is especially important for children who are just being introduced to solid foods. The innovative additional cutting area delivers more cutting per rotation, which enables faster and more efficient blending results and lets you process large pieces of food with less effort.


Works simply great.

For Braun, design is so much more than making things look good. It is engineering tools in a way that they can be used simply with perfect results. Day after day, for years to come.

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