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Función de higienización

Acaba con más del 99,99% de los virus y bacterias¹.

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Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron on an ironing board
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Braun CareStyle 5

Ultra powerful.

Braun CareStyle 5

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Centro de planchado CareStyle 5 IS 5145 Negro

268,79 €
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CareStyle 5 Steam Generator Iron IS 5155 White

265,79 €
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Centro de planchado CareStyle 5 IS 5249 Negro

264,90 €
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Centro de planchado CareStyle 5 IS 5245 Azul

239,90 €
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CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron IS 5145 White

230,29 €
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Centro de planchado CareStyle 5 IS 5155 negro


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Compare all Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generator irons
Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generating iron, black, in use with visible steam.

Heavy-duty steam power.

Professional  ironing results thanks to PowerSteam Technology. With this innovative technology you can smooth even the toughest creases fast with a steam rate of up to 150 g/min.
Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generating iron, purple, in use . Badge "Ergonomics certified" by ERGOCERT in right top corner

4-star ergonomics certified iron.*

Ergonomics certified iron for maximum comfort and effortless ironing.* The unique open handle features an optimal angle for reduced wrist stress, proving a more comfortable ironing experience.

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*Certified by ErgoCert (Ergonomics Certifying Institute, recognized by Accredia).
Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generating iron,blue, close up FastClean System

Hassle-free descaling.

Maintaining your steam station is hassle-free thanks to the Ultimate FastClean System, which allows descaling in just a few minutes.

Three powerful modes.

When it comes to taking great care of your favourite clothes, Braun's innovative iCare Technology guarantees fabric protection with three modes, ensuring no burns and seamless care.

iCare Mode: For all ironable fabrics.

Protects your clothes with a safe temperature. Faster, easier ironing.


Eco Mode: For delicate fabrics.

Up to 55% energy saving* without compromising on great results.

*compared to the highest setting


Turbo Mode: For toughest fabrics.

Turbo Mode: For toughest fabrics.


Caring for a more sustainable future.

The Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generator iron is made from 38% recycled plastic.

Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generating iron

The box of our CareStyle 5 is made of 80% recycled material.


The user manual of our CareStyle 5 is made of 100% recycled paper.


Eco mode saves up to 1 kWh and 1,3l/h water.* *Eco mode vs. Turbo mode

br_en_PSP_SCS_CareStyle-5_Sustainable-future_04_Eco mode.jpg

Learn more about Braun’s approach on sustainability.

Braun CareStyle 5 Steam generating iron, purple, in use . Badge "Ergonomics certified" by ERGOCERT in right top corner

The world’s first FreeGlide 3D Technology.

Inspired by snowboard design, the soleplate’s rounded and beveled edges help the iron glide effortlessly over buttons and zippers without getting stuck. Paired with EloxalPlus for a 2x harder than stainless steel* soleplate, the FreeGlide 3D Technology ensures fast, smooth ironing.
*External laboratory test, compared to AISI 304.

More features for your convenience.

Extra large detachable 2 L water tank.

Easy to refill, transport and store. Fewer interruptions for refilling, which makes ironing faster.

Braun CareStyle 5 with extra large detachable 2 L water tank.

Vertical ironing.

Its powerful continuous steam makes vertical steaming of curtains and hanging clothes really easy.

Braun CareStyle 5 used vertically

EloxalPlus soleplate.

Braun’s best gliding soleplate even backwards, for ultimate gliding performance and max scratch resistance.

Braun CareStyle 5 with EloxalPlus soleplate.
Braun's CareStyle range. Proven to kill viruses and bacteria.

Gama CareStyle de Braun. Acaba con más del 99,99 % de virus y bacterias¹.

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Explore our How-to videos.

Explore our How-to videos

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Braun’s new CareStyle 7 Pro

Discover the world’s first ergonomics certified iron*.

Braun’s new CareStyle 7 Pro – ergonomics certified iron.

Braun CareStyle 1 Pro

2x faster ironing with 3x more steam* and FreeGlide 3D Technology.

Braun CareStyle 1 Pro