Couple preparing fresh food with Braun MultiQuick 9 Hand blender

Braun MultiQuick System

The world’s largest attachment system* for unlimited versatility.

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Brauns MultiGrill 9 Pro

MultiGrill 9 Pro

Braun’s best performing. For professional grilling results.

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Citrus juicer

Turn fruits into fresh juice in seconds.

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Braun Steam generator irons

Steam generator irons

Save 50% time* for what really matters.

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Discover more Braun products

Discover Braun's hair removal, grooming & skin care products.

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Hand blender attachments & accessories

Experience the versatility.

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Sanitization function of all Braun steam irons adn steam generating irons

Sanitization funcion

Kills more than 99.99% of viruses and bacteria¹

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Recipes with Braun Household

Recipe collection

Fun and simple recipes from Braun.

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Less food waste.

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Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender in use
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Braun PowerBlend 3

Enjoy fine blending results for healthy smoothies – fast and easy.

Braun PowerBlend 3.

Explore all the unique features of Braun’s PowerBend 3.

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Braun PowerBlend 3.
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Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender with TriAction Technology

Get the smoothest results. With TriAction Technology and the SmoothCrush System.

Thanks to the specially designed triangular-shaped jug, blind spots are avoided and the ingredients are redirected faster to the blending area. Perfect for creating delicious icy drinks, fine sauces and crowdpleasing dips.
Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender withSmoothie2Go bottle

The Smoothie2Go bottle – a single portion blender jug that you can take with you.

Just fill it with your favourite ingredients, blend and attach the sealed travel lid to head on out. It features a flip drinking spout that makes taking healthy drinks with you simple. The 600 ml Smoothie2Go bottle is made with Tritan™: shatter, odour and taste resistant. Tritan™ is a robust BPA-free plastic* that offers dishwasher durability and long life.
*​BPA-free for all parts intended to be in contact with food. Based on third-party testing.
Braun PowerBlend 3 Jug blender is easy to clean

Easy to clean. All parts are easy to disassemble.

All parts are easy to disassemble and can be placed directly into dishwasher, including goblet, lid and even blades.
Braun PowerBlend 3 jugblender – Fast and easy
Healthy smoothies with Braun PowerBlend 3

Braun ID Breakfast Collection

Breakfast made just the way you like it.

ID Breakfast Collection. Breakfast made just the way you like it.

Braun Breakfast Series 1

Just what you need.

Braun Breakfast Series 1