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  2. Tribute Collection Food steamer FS 3000

Tribute Collection Food steamer FS 3000


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With the TributeCollection, Braun brings back remastered, technically improved versions of its most popular appliance creations.


BPA-free transparent baskets

High-quality BPA-free bowl materials provide you with wholesome and healthy meals. The food steamer is also ideal for preparing baby food. *​BPA-free for all parts intended to be in contact with food. Based on third-party testing.

Steam booster

For fast steam production in up to 45 seconds.

Easy-timer with auto-stop

It’s as simple as 1-2-3: just fill up water and add your ingredients, then set the timer! The device automatically shuts off when the timer hits zero, so you don’t need to look after the cooking.

Different baskets for different needs

Gently steam large amounts of food or even a whole meal at once. The transparent universal baskets easily accommodate a diversity of ingredients: chicken legs, fish, potatoes, asparagus - whatever you want to make.

Anti-drip pans

Each steam basket has its own drip pan to prevent any unwanted mixing of flavours, ensuring tasty steamed food for you and your family.

Easy storage

The new nestable baskets allow compact, space-saving storage.

    • Auto shut-off: taip
    • Powerful steam booster with automatic timer: taip
    • Laido laikiklis: taip
    • Spalva: White / green
    • Be BFA (su maistu besiliečiančios dalys): taip
    • Easy storage: taip
    • Dalys, kurias galima plauti indaplovėje: taip
    • Extra dark steaming bowl for colour intensive food: taip
    • Separate rice steaming bowl 2l: taip
    • 2 Drip pans: taip
    • 2 Universal steaming bowls 3.1 l each: white
    • Egg rack: ne
    • Egg rack: ne
    • 2 transparent universal steaming bowls: ne