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  1. MultiServe Coffee machines
  2. MultiServe Coffee maker KF 9170 SI
Coffee machines

MultiServe Coffee maker KF 9170 SI

스테인리스 스틸/실버

제품 설명

Certified for excellence. The MultiServe Coffee Maker offers the convenience and versatility you crave, while never compromising the quality of your brew. From single- serve to 10 cups and everything in between, the convenient Multi-Serve Dial System easily adapts to your changing needs. At the touch of a button, BrewChoice Plus lets you customise your coffee, from mild to strong – even over ice. Enjoy consistent, optimal brew results every time, with a powerful1750-watt heating element and an advanced flow meter pump unit that automatically calculates the precise water flow, temperature and speed.


ECBC certification

Exemplary brewing performance for an outstanding cup of coffee.

Over-Ice brewing

Optimized brewing process delivering intense coffee flavor that won't taste watered down over ice.

ExactBrew Technology

Precise water flow for optimal brewing time in all sizes, from single cup to a full carafe.

BrewChoice Plus

4 different strengths to satisfy your taste, also including over ice brewing.

Hot Water function

Independent water outlet and 6 temperature settings, for a great tea that does not taste like coffee.

MultiServe dial

7 brewing sizes: from a single cup, to a full carafe.


IF Design Award 2020

IF Design Award 2020

The iF Design Award is one of the world’s most prestigious and longest-standing design awards. An independent jury of international design experts determine, based on a set of objective screening standards, award-winning designs and products with the greatest innovative power.


보기 설명서
    • 프로그래밍 가능한 타이머: 24 h
    • 추출 시스템: ExactBrew Technology
    • 프로그래밍 가능한 24시간제 타이머:
    • 자동 전원차단 기능:
    • 커피 강도 선택기:
    • 물때 제거 알림:
    • 용량: 10 cups
    • 카라페 유형: AromaCarafe
    • 필터 용기: Removable filter basket
    • 누수방지:
    • 수위 표시 눈금:
    • Brewing temperatures of 92°C-96°C within 60s.:
    • 7 brewing sizes from single cup to full carafe:
    • BrewChoice Plus: Mild, Gold, Strong or Over Ice:
    • Brewed over-ice coffee:
    • 6 settings for hot water function:
    • 1-4컵 버튼: 아니
    • 정수 시스템: 아니
    • 물 필터 포함: 아니
    • 출력 (W): 1750
    • 색상: Stainless Steel Silver
    • 디스플레이: LED Touch
    • 식기 세척기 사용 가능 부품:
    • BPA 프리(식품 접촉 부분):
    • 컨트롤 패널: Touch
    • 간편한 세척 디자인:
    • 코드 보관:
    • 간편하고 편리하게 따르기 위한 미끄럼 방지 핸들: 아니
MultiServe Coffee maker KF 9170 SI