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Chair dips


Do 3 sets of this exercise with 10-12 repetitions each.

​​​​​​​This exercise trains the lower part of your large pectoral muscles, the front part of your shoulder and your triceps in particular.



1. Place your hands a little more than shoulder-width apart on a chair
2. Your fingers point forwards with your arms outstretched
3. Your upper body is upright, lower back straight, and abs tensed                                                
4. Now, there are three ways to do this exercise, depending on your fitness level:
a) Easy: Bend your legs with the soles of your feet firmly on the floor
b) Medium: Stretch your legs almost completely out, placing your feet completely on the floor
c) Difficult: Straighten your legs completely, placing your feet on the floor with your heels only


5. Lower your upper body slowly until your buttocks almost touch the ground                               
6. Keep your shoulders down
7. Then press these back into the starting position



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