Proper garment care

Do you enjoy doing your laundry? And what about ironing? Our guide includes many helpful suggestions to make these routine chores as enjoyable and productive as possible.

  • The right equipment

    The right equipment Braun
    Equipment must always be up to the task. All you need to know about garment care and what you should never forget.
  • Wrinkle-free ironing

    Wrinkle free ironing Braun
    Here you will find some instructions which help ensure that ironing is not an irksome chore and that everyone will envy you for your...
  • Reading the signs

    reading the signs Braun
    In addition to a small symbol lexicon, we explain what the signs in your clothes really mean and when you can ignore them.
  • Stain removal guide

    Stain removal guide Braun
    We looked at some key theories about proper garment care and say which are right and which wrong.

The right iron

The right iron

Smooth ironing results made easy.
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