About Braun

Braun is a premium German brand for electrical appliances. Some associate Braun
with design, based on the pioneering industrial design led by Dieter Rams and his
successors. Others think of German engineering and innovation: Braun’s invention
of the Plexiglas lid for turntables or its innovations in metal surfaces or plastics molding.
Many simply consider the indestructible nature of Braun appliances, renowned for their
reliability, longevity and sustainability.

All are true and relevant facets of the Braun brand, but Braun is more than this.
Braun wants to go “beyond design” by viewing products in the context of consumer
experience. Our goal is to design our products with details that make a difference in
people’s lives, to bring consumers experiences to life in what we call the “Braun moment.”
This idea is summarized in the brand line “designed to make a difference”.

Household products (kitchen and irons) are a focus of consumers’ everyday life and
a core part of Braun’s heritage and product offer. Braun’s products support
consumers during their daily work - from tasty morning coffee to surprise dinners in
the evening - also ensuring perfectly ironed outfits.

Braun household

On September 2012, the De’Longhi Group and Procter & Gamble finalized an agreement
for the perpetual licensing to De’Longhi of the Braun brand for household products,
thus not including Personal Care products (Male Dry Shaving, Female Electric Hair
Removal, Hair Care and Beautronics), Clocks and Watches.

Thanks to this agreement, the De’Longhi Group significantly strengthens its market
positioning by adding to its portfolio a new, high-end, prestigious brand perfectly aligned
with De’Longhi’s strategy and corporate culture. key objective of De’Longhi group in
the years to come is to fully leverage on the potential of Braun by further developing
its values and product offer.

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